Frederic and family

Frederic's Germany diary

How easy is it to settle in Germany? Frederic is French, his wife is British. Together with their two children they lived and worked in Germany for over a year.

Feb 04 - Apr 05

  • Frederic with family

    Family bonding

    Without the social network enjoyed at home the family members rely on each other for linguistic support and good humour.
  • winter

    German as easy as ABC

    Frederic's children pick up German incredibly quickly, Saxon accent included. The family is enjoying more winter fun.
  • winter

    Discovering the East

    Frederic feels the split between Eastern and Western Germany and discovers the Sorbs, a Slav community.
  • winter

    The big decision

    It's not time to get back to England yet. Frederic and his family decide to stay for another year in Germany.
  • Frederic

    Good-bye Germany

    After two years, Frederic and his family move back to England. Did they fullfill all the goals they've set for themselves?

Oct 03 - Jan 04

  • Meissen

    Forms, forms, forms

    Frederic and his family have to do a a tour of the council offices to fill in all sorts of forms, but in the afternoon they turn into happy tourists.
  • school

    Back to school

    The first day teaching 25 impeccably behaved 14-15 year olds couldn't be more surprising to Frederic.
  • shoes under the Christmas tree

    White Christmas in Germany

    Frederic and his family enjoy their first Christmas in Germany with lots of new customs and welcome a series of visits from home.

Jul 02 - Aug 03

  • Frederic with children

    A truly European background

    Frederic is French, his wife is British. Together with their two children they move to Germany for a truly European experience.
  • car

    The crossing

    75 boxes need to be packed in four days, the journey involves 10 hours in a boiling hot car and when Frederic arrives at their flat, it's stripped of all lights.

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