Straightforward invitation (Norwegian/German)

In Scandinavia exists the custom of inviting friends round to your house for a few drinks before going out on the town, like a 'pre-party'. In Norway, they would use the German-sounding word voerspiel. Similarly, an afterparty is known as a nachspiel. Strangely, I don't think they use these expressions in Germany.

Editor's note: They do, but with a completely different meaning. Vorspiel in German means 'foreplay' while Nachspiel means 'epilogue' or 'sequel'. Das wird ein Nachspiel haben literally means 'This is going to lead to negative consequences'.

Sent by: Turid


Fragment, Germany 2011-02-13

The most common use of the term "Vorspiel" in German - taken aside the use in context of music - is a more sexual one. :o)

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