Chris's China diary

Having worked in China for a year as an English teacher, Chris from London fell in love with the country. He decided to return to China as a student and study Mandarin Chinese.

March 09

  • Chris

    Ready to return to the UK

    Chris is preparing to move back to the UK. He looks back at his time in China and reflects on what helped him most to learn Mandarin.

Nov 08 - Sep 07

  • Chris

    China in Hollywood

    Chris's new job in a translation team for a Chinese film company has taken him to tinseltown: China discovers Hollywood (and vice versa).
  • Chris

    The big game

    Chris has problems with his visa, admires the beautification of Beijing before the Olympics and gets a job offer he can't refuse.
  • vigil


    Chris's account of the terrible tragedy that has hit China when the earthquake caused the death of thousands of people.
  • Business man Chris

    Business, man

    Chris is back with his diary, talking about what's it like doing business in China and how the Olympic protests are perceived by the Chinese public.
  • Chris arriving in Bali

    Kick-off meeting in Bali

    Chris is taken by his company to a four-day 'all expenses paid' trip to Bali island. As this is Chris's last diary update he is reflecting on the last three years.

March 07 - May 06

  • Guilin boat cruise

    A trip to Hong Kong III

    On the final leg of his journey to Hong Kong and Guilin, Chris gets enchanted by the misty views of Li Jiang river.
  • Chris on Victoria Peak

    A trip to Hong Kong II

    Chris takes the cable car to the top of Victoria Peak to enjoy a stunning view of a rather crowded city.
  • The cable car going to the Garden Road

    A trip to Hong Kong I

    Part one of Chris's trip to Hong Kong and Guilin, starting with a lively taxi excursion to a cable car station.
  • New Year decorations in Beijing

    Chinese New Year

    Chris enjoys the preparations for the Chinese New Year and talks about marriage!
  • Chris enjoys a cup of flower-bud tea

    Trip to Shanghai

    Chris goes on a business trip to Shanghai and takes that opportunity to visit The Old Town.
  • Chris at a team building away day.

    Getting used to the job

    Chris gets used to a new working environment and goes on a team building away day.
  • Chris reading

    A new era

    Chris has accepted a job in Beijing which means his days of being a student are over.
  • Italian festival

    Italian and Korean atmosphere

    Chris went to an Italian cultural music festival in Chao Yang Park and enjoyed the World Cup games in the Beer Garden.
  • Football Chris

    Amateur football in Beijing

    Chris has participated in the Year of the Dog football tournament. His team, the Beijing Scorpions, came first of course!

Apr 06 - Oct 05

  • Chris

    Happy to be a nerd

    Chris has started his new language course at the university and is giving his studies his full attention.
  • Chris

    Festive seasons

    Chris is having a good time celebrating festive seasons Eastern and Western style.
  • Chris


    Chris is on his way to fame and fortune by having been discovered as an extra for a Chinese TV series. He even had a speaking role.
  • apartment

    A real Beijinger

    There is a saying that you are not a real Beijinger unless you've had a bike stolen. Chris has had his bike stolen three times now.
  • apartment


    Chris has had enough of dormitory life with its strict house rules and is looking for an apartment just for himself.

Sep 05 - May 05

  • Chris in costume

    The Great Wall experience II

    Chris continues his journey to the Great Wall and finds out what it's like to be a real warrior (with toy sword).
  • Shan Hai Guan

    The Great Wall experience I

    Chris is on his way to the coast of China where the Great Wall begins. He discovers that all train schedules are written in Chinese characters.
  • market stall

    It's a scorcher

    It's sizzling hot, but street vendors endure the daily heat and are still very friendly, helpful and generous, as Chris finds out.
  • class

    Campus life

    Chris studies Mandarin Chinese together with other 'Westeners' while students from East Asia sit in a different class.
  • Bejing

    Back in Beijing

    After a long flight, Chris is picked up at Beijing airport by two friends and does some window shopping 'Oxford Street style'.

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