Bless you and thank you the Spanish way

Hi there! I've been teaching Spanish in Scotland for seven months now and it's amazing the cultural things you learn when you have a stay in a different country. One of the examples I've found here is when you sneeze. In English, when a person sneezes, he/she will say 'pardon me' or nothing and the person around him/her will say 'bless you'. In Spanish, we do not excuse ourselves to sneeze and people around us will say Jesús to what we are expected to say gracias to thank them for caring about us. Also if we're on a bus, when you get out, an English speaker will thank the driver for the trip while a Spanish one will just say bye since you've paid for your trip. The list is endless!

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Jorge Casarreal 2008-04-10

Hi everyone! I'm from Mexico City. When a person sneezes we say to him "bless you". I haven't heard about Jesús although I think it's common in other states of my country but not in the city.

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