Living my dream in Costa Rica

My intention to live in a subtropical environment began in the late 80's. I read about Costa Rica and my dream seemed to become more real. I talked a lot with a close friend where I lived at the time in Palo Alto, CA. She kept asking me why did I want to live outside the US. I was working for myself then and was unsure whether I could survive financially in Costa Rica. So, I backed off of my dream at the time and took a job as a senior administrator in a university. I went on to another similar position but my dream of living in Costa Rica was always there. I continued to study Spanish and began to write poetry in Spanish. The Latin culture, music, weather, and the Costa Rican's willingness to share began to seduce me. In the mean time, my friend who had tried to discourage me not to live in Costa Rica, had moved to Costa Rica! This was about 10 years ago. She has often been asked why she came to Costa Rica. Her response was, "I am living a friend's dream." California had a financial turn for the worse and my contract with the State was cancelled. My friend suggested I come down for a month for a visit. It was perfect timing for such an invitation. It was as if I had been plucked up and gently placed in the Garden of Eden. The people there, expats and locals, were very friendly, supportive, and willing to give of their time to show me how to live there and places to see and visit. I returned after 30 days, and packed up my belongings for storage, packed some clothing, a laptop, my guitar and took my savings to cover rent and other expenses for the first year. I enjoyed everything in Costa Rica. I was regularly invited to friends' homes for wedding anniversaries, birthdays ... My friends taught me some of the many latin dances. I studied tango while I lived there. Life in Costa Rica allowed me to take a step back and enjoy living. This was not easy to do while I worked in corporate America. Each moonlit night, and each sunny day helped me to be more open to life. My attitude changed to one of peace and living day-to-day with a positive attitude.Well, the world has a way of presenting each of us new challenges. A friend suggested I get a physical check. I discovered that I had prostate cancer. I made plans to find the best possible cure and ended up in Boston, MA. The surgery was very successful and I am now healing from a lower back surgery which I just had last month. I have realized a good change in myself. My life in Costa Rica allowed me to see the beauty of nature and people around me. I now live in California as I recover from this second surgery. But the biggest change I have noticed is that I am enjoying life much more in the US than I did before. I still long for my place in the sun, Costa Rica and all my wonderful and sincere friends that still live there. I surround my self with photos, but more importantly I bathe my heart and soul in memories. I still write poems in Spanish that reflect living my dream in Costa Rica.

Sent by: Don


Carlos, San Jose, CR 2010-10-08

Hello Don! Just let me tell you as a Costa Rican it was a big pleasured to me to read this story, I almost think is a poem, you have such a great pen and talent to write. It makes my proud to know that you really enjoy our country, I hope you will be back again pretty soon, un abrazo mi amigo, pura vida!

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Suzanne, Washington, DC/Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica 2009-12-06

I am a 35 year old single mom who quit her job in the US and moved with her 3 kids to Costa Rica for a year to get my graduate degree at the UN's University for Peace. I study with people from almost 70 different countries and am adoring the views, people, food, and weather. The classes are all in English, it is a one year program, and no GREs required.
Pura Vida!

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Maraiya, Northern Arizona, used to live in Southern California 2009-04-29

To Don ... I was trying to figure out if Costa Rica would be a good place for me to live, as I am getting more and more disillusioned with the U.S. I researched Costa Rica on the internet, but I still wasn't sure. Reading your statement makes me pretty sure I'd be happy in Costa Rica.

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