Struggle to fit into a small village community

I'm a 29 year old wife and mother of two. We decided to move to Barni at the Como lake in Italy to find a better style of life for our family, and because the only thing we were looking forward to in life was retirement!My husband works full time and speaks almost fluent Italian. His father is Napolitan and let us use his holiday apartment for a year, to try out a new life over here. We sold up our terraced house in Yorkshire - and took the plunge a year and a half ago, before our daughter was to start schooling in England. It would have been difficult for her afterwards. I'm a housewife at the moment but have written several published works and try to find time to write when the kids are sleeping.I'm not sure about staying in Italy forever but I would like to see the house payed off in five years time, as we now can't afford to move back to England due to the house prices. It's still an ongoing struggle for me to fit into a small village community, and speak a totally new language.

Sent by: Liz


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