Internet inspiration - Microblogging

Microblogging is very simple. You say what you're doing in a limited numbers of characters by mobile, web or instant message .

Some microblogging websites are: Twitter (become a tweacher - a teacher who twitters!); Edmodo (for teachers and students); Jaiku; Identi; Yammer (for closed groups). Use them to:

1. Say what you are doing in the language you're teaching and get your students to translate or comment in the same language

2. Deliver bits of trivia about the language eg. pronunciation tips etc.

3. Follow a famous language speaker for short, sharp bursts of language

4. Refer to interesting articles online / in newspapers that your students may find more appealing to hear about out of class time

5. Encourage students to "post" or "tweet" about things they don't understand in class

6. Track a word. If there is something topical of interest, students can sign up to receive any tweet with this word in it

Please contact us if you have any other ideas for using microblogging in class and we will publish the best ones.

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