Talk Portuguese - Eating out

How to order food in a restaurant

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Key language: Ordering food in a restaurant
  • Português
  • (uma) sopa do dia
    soup of the day
  • (um) prato do dia
    dish of the day
  • (uma) carne de porco
  • (um) bife à casa
    house steak
  • (um) arroz de marisco
    seafood risotto
  • (um) linguado grelhado
    grilled sole
  • (uma) amêijoa
  • (uma porção de) camarões
    (a portion of) shrimps
  • (uma porção de) batatas fritas
    (a portion of) chips
  • Uma mesa para duas pessoas
    A table for two
  • Pode ser esta?
    Will this one be alright?
  • O que recomenda?
    What do you recommend?
  • Eu sou vegetariano **
    I'm vegetarian (if you're a man)
  • Eu sou vegetariana **
    I'm vegetarian (if you're a woman)
  • Não como carne
    I don't eat meat
  • Eu vou comer… **
    I'll have…
  • Queria comer a carne de porco à Alentejana
    I'd like the pork Alentejan style
  • Para mim…
    For me…
  • Para mim, o linguado grelhado, por favor
    For me, grilled sole, please
  • E para beber?
    And to drink?
  • Uma garrafa de vinho tinto da casa
    A bottle of red house wine
  • E uma água com gás
    And a sparkling water
  • O que tem de sobremesa?
    What desserts do you have?
  • (uma) fruta da época
    seasonal fruit
  • (um) pudim flan
    crème caramel
  • (uma) mousse de chocolate
    chocolate mousse
  • (um) gelado

** Grammar notes

  • Eu sou vegetariano, eu sou vegetariana, eu vou comer
    Portuguese people rarely use the words for I, you, he, she. This is because the form of the verb normally shows quite clearly which person you are referring to.
    When they do use it, it's usually to make a distinction between people: Eu vou comer uma carne de porco, I’m going to have the pork, compared with what others at the table are going to have.
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Cultural notes - Eating out in Portugal

A description of the types of food Portugal has to offer There's a huge choice of fish and seafood in Portuguese restaurants, most famously bacalhau, dried cod and camarões, shrimps. There's also a range of sweet desserts like pudim flan, crème caramel, arroz doce, rice pudding and gelados, ice cream.


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