Talk Portuguese - Booking a room

How to book a hotel room

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Key language: Booking a room
  • Português
  • Tem...?
    Do you have...?
  • quartos vagos **
    rooms available
  • (um quarto) individual **
    a single (room)
  • (um quarto) de casal *
    a double (room)
  • um quarto com duas camas
    a twin room
  • ou
  • por uma noite *
    for one night / a night
  • para esta noite *
    for tonight
  • Queria um quarto
    I'd like a room
  • Reservei um quarto
    I've booked a room
  • em nome de… *
    in the name of...
  • Posso...?
    Can I...?
  • Podemos...?
    Can we...?
  • pagar com cartão de crédito
    to pay by credit card
  • com certeza
  • Para quando?
    When is it for?
  • Podemos reservar quartos aqui?
    Can we reserve rooms here?
  • Quanto custam os quartos?
    How much are the rooms?
  • O pequeno almoço está incluído?
    Is breakfast included?
  • Queríamos um quarto de casal e um quarto para as crianças
    We would like a double room and a room for the children

* Pronunciation guide

  • Uma noite, para esta noite, en nome de, de casal
    You rarely hear the e at the end of words. It's almost swallowed.

** Grammar notes

  • Quartos vagos, individual
    Adjectives take the same form as the nouns they describe. So you'd say quartos vagos, rooms available and quartos individuais, single rooms for masculine and plural, but cerveja francesa, French beer, since cerveja is singular and feminine.
    Adjectives usually come after the nouns they describe.
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Cultural notes - The home of Port wine

A description of the home of Port wine The city of Oporto is the economic and cultural capital of northern Portugal. It’s famous for its magnificent bridges and, of course, its age-old trade in port wine. It’s also a popular centre for visitors to the nearby Douro Valley.


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