Talk Portuguese - Ordering drinks

How to order drinks in a café or a bar

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Key language: Buying coffee and other drinks
  • Português
  • Que desejam?
    What would you like?
  • Queria
    I'd like
  • um / uma **
  • um café, se faz favor *
    a coffee, please
  • um chá com leite
    a tea with milk
  • uma meia de leite
    a large milky coffee
  • uma cerveja
    a beer
  • uma água sem gás
    still water
  • uma água com gás
    sparkling water
  • uma limonada
    a lemonade
  • um sumo de laranja
    an orange juice
  • um copo de água
    a glass of water
  • um copo de vinho branco *
    a glass of white wine
  • vinho tinto *
    red wine
  • por favor / se faz favor *
  • Para mim…
    For me…
  • A conta, se faz favor *
    The bill, please
  • Quanto é?
    How much is it?
  • De nada
    You're welcome

* Pronunciation guide

  • Se faz favor
    At the end of words, z sounds more like g as in mirage.
  • Um copo de vinho branco, vinho tinto
    The nh is pronounced like the ny sound in canyon.

** Grammar notes

  • Um / uma
    The words for a/an have masculine and feminine forms. You say um café because café is masculine and uma cerveja because cerveja is feminine.
    As well as meaning a/an, um and uma also mean one. The only low number other than 'one' that takes a feminine form is two, as in: dois sumos (m) and duas limonadas (f).
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Cultural notes - Café culture in Portugal

A description of the café culture in Portugal One of the delights of a visit to Portugal is sampling the café culture. It’s warm enough to sit outside from April to October and there are cafés everywhere.


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