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20 April 2014
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Your Polish online soap

Read the story of Polish ex-pat Bogdan and English divorcee, Sarah, which has been written by you. For 17 weeks you decided on the next line or twist of plot. Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting!

episode 1Episode 1: Bob the builder

Five past eight in the morning, a London suburb. Bogdan arrives at the door of Sarah's house, where for the next three months he's going to work on the extension. He doesn't speak any English and Sarah doesn't speak any Polish.

episode 2Episode 2: Builders' tea?

Sarah wants to ask her Polish builder Bogdan to teach her some Polish phrases. To get chatting she offers him a cup of builders' tea. He doesn't seem to be too keen. What does he want instead?

episode 3Episode 3: A lovely evening

Bogdan and Sarah spent a lovely evening at a local Polish restaurant, where Sarah has sampled some authentic Polish coffee and learnt some basic Polish phrases from Bogdan. He walks her home. While bidding farewell, he has something important to say.

episode 4Episode 4: The morning after

After a lovely evening at the local Polish restaurant, Bogdan and Sarah have spent the night together. The next morning, Bogdan drops a bombshell.

episode 5Episode 5: Bogdan has a think

After having spent a night together, Bogdan reveals to Sarah that he's married. He asks her to be his mistress. Heartbroken, Sarah throws him out. Back at work, Bogdan tells his colleague Bartek all about this.

episode 6Episode 6: Bogdan in hospital

Bogdan has fallen off the scaffolding and broken his leg. Worried, Sarah visits him in hospital. Bogdan is so relieved to see her, he tells her the truth.

episode 7Episode 7: An invitation

Bogdan has recovered from his broken leg and Sarah has forgiven him for lying about a non-existing wife back in Poland. Bogdan has a proposition to make.

episode 8Episode 8: An unpleasant encounter

Bogdan is taking Sarah on a trip to Poland. On arrival, Sarah almost bumps into her ex-husband. She manages to avoid him, but is very upset by the reminder of her recent past.

episode 9Episode 9: The engagement ring

Bogdan is at the jeweller's, choosing an engagement ring for Sarah.

episode 10Episode 10: The visit

Bogdan is on a home visit in Poland, together with his fiancée, Sarah. This is the first time in four years that he's seen his mum.

episode 11Episode 11: A generous offer

Bogdan's mum makes a proposition: she wants Bogdan and Sarah to stay in Poland and offers to buy a flat for them.

episode 12Episode 12: The jealous brother

When Bogdan's older brother Kacper finds out about his mum's offer, he's not amused.

episode 13Episode 13: What now?

Bogdan's mum is suffering from memory loss and has forgotten about the offer to buy a flat for Bogdan and Sarah.

episode 14Episode 14: A new start

Against great odds, Bogdan and Sarah have decided to settle down in Poland and bought themselves a flat in Bogdan's home town.

episode 15Episode 15: What a disaster

Since Bogdan and Sarah moved into their Polish flat, everything has gone wrong: on the first day they flooded the bathroom and caused major damage to the flat below theirs.

episode 16Episode 16: What a surprise

Bogdan and Sarah need a plumber, but they can't afford a "regular" one. A friend recommends them a cheap plumber.

episode 17Episode 17: Goodbye

After many ups and downs, Sarah's time in Poland is coming to an end. She runs off with the English plumber.

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