Key Language Adjectives

Adjectives are words which describe nouns, and they have to agree with what they describe. This means that the form found in a dictionary (ending in -o or -e) changes its ending depending on whether what is being described is masculine or feminine, singular or plural.

Io sono italiano
Io sono italiana
I am Italian man
I am Italian woman

Adjectives ending in -o have four forms altogether:

vino italiano
Italian wine
masculine, singular
vini italiani Italian wines
masculine, plural
birra italiana
Italian beer
feminine, singular
birre italiane
Italian beers
feminine, plural

Adjectives ending in -e have only two forms:

vino francese
French wine
masculine, singular
vini francesi French wines
masculine, plural
birra francese
French beer
feminine, singular
birre fancesi
French beers
feminine, plural

Unlike in English, adjectives in Italian go generally after the noun.
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masculine - feminine
singular - plural

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