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Episode 11: Extra room
At a rural hotel, solving the next clue is an uphill struggle

Episode 11: Lessons and activities

    Learn Italian vocabulary with animated tutorials and online exercises

    • Hotel facilities / accommodation
    • Hotel requests and complaints

Learn with animated tutorials and online exercises
  • How to say 'I go' - vado
  • Where you are, where you're going: in, a - 'in', 'at', 'to'
  • nel/nella, al/alla: 'in the', 'at the', 'to the'
  • Words like 'above' or 'below' - sopra or sotto

Clues for this map location

Clue image
Una forma tra due alberi

A shape between two trees

Missing clue
Missing clue

You haven't found this clue yet
Clue image
Un castello

A castle

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