These contain some examples of vulgar language.

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Moody? Italians? Noooooo...!

Good moods
Bad moods
Other moods

(* = familiar, ** = very familiar, *** = vulgar, R = plain rude, Lit. = Literally)

Good moods

È di luna buona (*) Lit. He/she has the good moon. He/she is in a good mood.

Sono al settimo cielo (*). Lit. I'm in the seventh sky. I'm on cloud nine.

Sono strafelice (**) Very, very happy.

Sto da Dio (**) Lit. I'm with God. Obviously happy...

Sono felice e beata (*) Happy and beatified... Even happier...

Sto una favola (**) I'm in a fairytale.

Sono cotto/a (**) Lit. I'm cooked. I'm in love but up for other things too...

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Bad moods

Ha la luna storta (*) Lit. He/she has got the moon the wrong way round. Bad mood. This can simply be Ha la luna.

Lunatico/a (**) Moody. Still to do with the moon.

Sto di merda (R) I feel crappy.

Sono distrutto/a (*) I'm shattered.

Sono a pezzi (*) I'm in pieces (can be physical or emotional).

Ho il cuore infranto (*) I'm heartbroken.

Sono morto/a (*) I'm dead. In the sense of tired.

Sono giù (*) I'm down.

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Other moods

Ho la testa fra le nuvole (*) My head's in the clouds. Distracted.

Sono per aria (*) I'm in the air. Distracted.

Ho la ridarella (**) I've got the giggles.

Mi viene da ridere (*) I've got the giggles.

Me la faccio addosso (**) I'm going to do it in my pants. I'm scared/nervous.

Sono fuori (**) Lit. I'm out. I'm distracted or drunk or mad or on drugs. Take your pick.

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