Learn Greek Online
This free-to-access website is built around a radio series to learn Greek produced by CyBC, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation.

Finding a course

UK course search
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Available from high-street bookshops and other online retailers.

BBC books and cassettes

Lonely Planet Greek Phrase Book

Rough Guide Greek Dictionary and Phrasebook

Hodder & Stoughton - Teach Yourself Greek
Also available as book only or book and cassettes Waterstones/Amazon: Greek
Find more Greek learning materials.

Commercial interactive courses

Greek 123
A CD-Rom course.

An online course (free of charge) and CD course (for purchase).

I Learn Greek.com
Another commercial online course.

goGreece.com: Learning Greek
A directory reviewing links to Greek learning resources online.

Advanced resources

Kypros.net Lexicon Online Dictionary
This online dictionary lets you search from English into Greek and viceversa, allowing you to search Greek by transliteration if you don't have Greek fonts in your system.

More sites

BBC Search - Learn Greek
Listing: Greek online resources.

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