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The reconstruction of the Church of Our Lady in Dresden

Church of our Lady When the allies bombed Dresden at the end of the Second World War, they destroyed most of the city.

One of the finest buildings, the baroque "Frauenkirche", the Church of Our Lady, was among the victims. The church stayed ablaze for two days and two nights on February 13-14, 1945. The great heat generated by the fire exploded the eight interior pillars supporting the huge stone dome. By the morning of February 15, the 5,800 tons of stone collapsed into fiery rubble.

The church remained a pile of stones for the next 45 years. The reconstruction only became possible after the reunification of Germany. Over a period of 13 years the historical church was rebuilt, both from the ruins and original rubble. Medieval bricks and slabs that have remained relatively intact have been identified, catalogued and stored away as part of the project to rebuild the church. The restored building has reached its original height of 93 metres and on October 30th 2005, the celebratory consecration took place to mark the conclusion of the church's reconstruction.

Stasi files On 28 June 1994, the public foundation "Stiftung Frauenkirche Dresden" was founded to raise the 125m euros needed for the restoration work. Organisations and individuals all around the world have supported the initiative. The United Kingdom has also played its part in the rebuilding. The Dresden Trust has donated a replica of the original golden cross, which sits at the very top of the new Church of Our Lady. This symbolic action is in keeping with the themes of the project - to create a spirit of reconciliation and heal the wounds of war. Its message is reinforced by the fact that the artist who designed the cross is the son of a British pilot who took part in the allied bombing raid.

An der Frauenkirche
01067 Dresden
The Frauenkirche is an open church that welcomes visitors. There are also guided tours.


Frauenkirche Dresden
Official website. In English and German.

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