Saying hello and who you are
Resources for teaching greetings, introductions, talking about your family, children and pets, where you're from and what you do

mobile phone

Alphabet and numbers
Resources for teaching the alphabet and numbers


Food and drink
Resources for teaching drinks and snacks and ordering a meal

Christmas market

Resources for teaching shopping for food, clothes and presents


Resources for teaching finding and booking accommodation

travel centre

Travel and directions
Resources for teaching directions, travel and public transport


Resources for teaching favourite sports and weekend activities


Holidays and tourist information
Resources for teaching holiday activities and tourist information

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Resources for teaching how to say what's wrong and going to the chemist's

House and home

House and home
Resources for teaching where you live and describing your home

car manufacturing

At work
Resources for teaching where you work and describing your job

Brandenburg Gate

Invitations and arrangements
Resources for teaching invitations and arrangements


Online Courses

Andrea, your German guide

German Steps

All-in-one beginners' course. Complete it in 12 weeks with our weekly tips

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