Teaching German - Language notes

These interactive tips are integrated into German Steps and explain the basic workings of the language. They are not a complete guide to German grammar, but provide a grounding in most of the main points. Each of them links to extra notes explaining structures and patterns in more detail.

Simple introductions :
Sein: Ich bin, Sie sind

Words similar to English :
Recognising cognates

Masculine and feminine :
Nouns and gender: professions

Saying where you're from :
Prepositions: aus, in

Asking questions :

Asking and talking about location :
Location: wo, in, an

Using 'bitte' :
Basic formalities: bitte

Compound nouns :
Introduction to compound nouns

Saying 'I'd like...' :
Making a choice: ich möchte

Saying 'there' and 'there is/are' :
Basic impersonal structures, es gibt

Saying 'I need' :
Necessity, brauchen

Agreeing :
Agreement: ich verstehe, in Ordnung, kein Problem

Talking about the future :
Present tense as future

Saying 'it' :
Personal pronouns: er, sie, es

Saying 'from' :
Prepositions: von, aus

Describing objects :
Introduction to adjectives

Understanding instructions :
The imperative: Nehmen Sie

More about the past :


Online Courses

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