These contain some examples of vulgar language.

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Civil servants/public service

(* = familiar, ** = very familiar, *** = vulgar, s = slang, Lit. = Literally)


Der Pauker (**) Teacher. Lit. Person playing the kettledrum.

Der Prof (**) Short for der Professor at a university.

Die Studis (**) Short for die Studenten, students.

Der HiWi (**) Short for der Hilfswissenschaftler, assistant scientist.

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Civil servants/public service

Die Sesselfurzer (s) Lit. Chair farters. People working in the public service or administration.

Die Beamtenmentalität (*) Slow, not very productive work caused by lots of red tape. Lit. Civil servant mentality.

Der Bulle (**) Pig, cop. Lit. Bull. Don't use it when talking to a policeman.

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Die Tippse (**) Typist, secretary, reduced to writing letters only.

Die Saftschubse (s) Trolley-dolly, Lit. Person pushing the juice trolley.

Der Agenturheini (**) Person working for a PR agency.

Die PR Maus (**) Derogatory for female PR assistants. Lit. PR mouse.

Die Putze (**) Short for die Putzfrau, cleaning lady.

Der Schreiberling (**) Journalist.

Blaumachen (**) To pull a sickie, going awol. Lit. To make it blue.
Ich mache heute blau. (**) I'm pulling a sickie today.

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