These contain some examples of vulgar language.

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Music is a very important part of everyday German life and is also a good start for a conversation.
Talking about music in cool German is a lot like talking in English and you will hear a lot of familiar words such as track, DJ set, sound etc.
Here are some terms which will hopefully lead you through a cool conversation.


(* = familiar, ** = very familiar, *** = vulgar, s = slang, Lit. = Literally)


Die Mucke (s) Music.

Der Sound (s) Music, sound.

Das Brett (s) Track. Lit. The board.

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Cooler Sound (**) Cool sound. Note that English words get a German grammatical make-over and acquire German endings.

Das geht ab (**) That's great.

Das ist krass/fett (s) That's very good, that's a killer. Lit. That's fat.

Voll der Hammer (s) Wicked tune. Lit. A massive hammer.

Das Brett burnt (s) This track is banging. Please note the English verb 'to burn' which receives the German third person singular ending -t.

Das ist megamäßig abgespaced (s) This is out of this world. Please note the word abgespaced, taken from the English 'spaced' and incorporated into the German grammatical pattern.

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Scheiß Mucke (s) That's shit music.

Das ist alles eine Soße (**) That's all the same thing. Lit. That's all the same sauce.
Totally mainstream, coming from the same source.

Das ist weichgespült (s) This is too middle-of-the-road. Lit. That's treated with softening agents.

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