These contain some examples of vulgar language.

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Health is certainly one of the more serious but also the most popular topics for Germans. You might have never worried about your Blutdruck, blood pressure, or the level of your cholesterol, but you should. Germans certainly do...
Here are some expressions to talk it down a little.

Where to go when you're ill
Parts of the body
My ... is sore

(* = familiar, ** = very familiar, *** = vulgar, s = slang, Lit. = Literally)

Where to go when you're ill

Der Hausarzt (*) General expression for your local GP.

Der Seelenklempner (**) Shrink. Lit. Soul plumber.

Der Halbgott in Weiß (**) Doctor. Lit. Half God in whites.
Medical doctors in Germany usually wear white clothes.

Der Zahnklempner (**) Dentist, Lit. Teeth plumber.

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Parts of the body

Die Birne (**) Head. Lit. Pear.

Die Fresse (*) Face.

Der Riechkolben (**) Nose. Lit. Smelling flask.

Die Fressritze (*) Mouth. Lit. Munching chink.

Die Wampe (*) Stomach.

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My ... is sore

Mir tut (+ any part of the body) weh (*) My (+ any part of the body) hurts.

Mein Blutdruck ist zu hoch/zu niedrig (*) My blood pressure is too high/too low.

Mir ist schwindlig (*) I feel dizzy.

Mir ist speiübel (*) I feel quite sick.

Ich habe mir den Magen verdorben (*) I'm feeling sick. Lit. I have wasted my tummy.

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