These contain some examples of vulgar language.

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Berlin is 'the' German city for a night out. Given the city's recent history there are still many things to discover but the party scene is quite young and always on the move.
You'll find everything from sleek and stylish to grungy and underground. Here is a list of expressions to help you keep track of the party slang. But be careful, it's like the scene: Heute in, morgen out. What's 'in' today is 'out' tomorrow.

Getting ready
Places to go
The morning after

(* = familiar, ** = very familiar, *** = vulgar, s = slang, Lit. = Literally)

Getting ready

Aufbitchen (s) To get tarted up for a party.

Aufbrezeln (s) To dress up, lit. to pretzel yourself up.

Vorglühen (s) To pre-party, have a drink to get you started. Lit. Warm up your battery before starting the engine.

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Places to go

Clubben gehen? (**) Shall we go clubbing?

Party machen (*) To party.

Um die Häuser ziehen (**) Lit. Stray around the blocks.

Sich die Nacht um die Ohren hauen (**) Doing an all-nighter. Lit. Twist the night around your ears.

Rumtrashen (s) Party heavily.

Durchsumpfen (s) Doing an all-nighter and getting wasted.

Eine Party schmeißen (**) To throw a party.

Partyparasit (s) Gate crasher.

Zu Hause abhängen (**) To hang around at home, doing nothing special.

Vor die Kiste/vor den Flimmerkasten hauen (**) Watch TV and do nothing.

Club-hopping (**) It's exactly what it says and quite popular.

Zappelbunker (s) Night club. Lit. Fidget bunker.

Zocken (s) Gambling.

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The morning after

Ich habe einen Kater (**) I have a hangover. Lit. I've got a tom cat.
It's an old but still popular expression. Some things never go out of fashion.

Ein Katerfrühstück (**) Good, hearty breakfast for the day after, with lots of carbohydrates. Lit. Tom cat's breakfast.

Breit sein (s) Smashed, plastered, stoned. Lit. To be wide.

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