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Online programmes
Many French TV stations broadcast some programmes via their websites.

TV 5 Monde

The Web TV channel of the international TV channel promoting the French language and the culture of the countries where it's spoken. Run by a consortium of the public broadcasters of France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, it shows programmes by all of them, plus some original ones, including news, chat-shows, quiz-shows, sit-coms, drama and documentaries.

TF1 Vidéos

As well as news, the first channel offers clips from its entertainment, music and factual programmes, including full editions of flagship documentary Ushuaïa and weather forecasts in La Météo.

Caméra Café

France's infamous comedy TV series.

Canal +

Mostly an entertainment channel. You can watch Le Zapping, a five-minute compilation of daily highlights from different channels or Les Guignols de l'Info, a satirical view at current events with rubber puppets à la Spitting Image.

TF 1: Programmes Jeunesse

Ti Ji: Ti-Vidéos

Canal J: Les vidéos

Clips and some full children's programmes are available on the websites of these commercial TV channels.

Arte TV

Mostly an arts and documentary channel. You can watch short clips from many of its programmes.

France 5

The website of the educational, factual and children's channel from public broadcaster France Télévisions offers clips and full editions of some of its programmes.

US TV episode summaries

No videos here, but if you're familiar with these US series, try and see how much French you can understand from the episode summaries: Desperate Housewives; Les Experts (CSI); nip/tuck; Smallville; Six Pieds Sous Terre (Six Feet Under).

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BBC TV and Radio - French

Search BBC iPlayer for programmes about 'French' or 'France'.

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Online Courses

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