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  • Talk French is a video-based website, packed with activities to help you brush up and practise your French at an introductory level.

  • Each of the 12 topics has one or more improved video clips (full-screen option), one or more other video clips (shorter, available for non-UK users), an interactive word game and a printable worksheet. Follow the topics in sequence, or dip into any of them.

  • The video clips bring the language to life by showing French speakers in their local environment. You can pause, rewind, fast forward and stop the video whenever you like. The main video has a full-screen option. The 'other video' clips show subtitles in French and English on the right-hand side. You can turn them off when you feel you don't need them. Once you've finished watching the video, you can play it again and try and guess the gaps in the subtitles.

  • The interactive word games allow you to play with the language introduced in the 'other' video. You'll need to match pictures with phrases, rearrange sentences or put things into the correct column. This will help you understand the phrases better and fix them in your mind.

  • The worksheets are designed to be printed out. Complete them after watching the videos and keep them for revising later. They also give you the opportunity to use the language, for example, by writing some sentences about your family. Some of them have suggestions for practising with a friend. These will work best if you find a learning partner who'd like to go through the topics at the same time as you.

  • You can use this website in conjunction with the Talk French TV series, from which these clips are taken. It's repeated from time to time on BBC Learning Zone. Moreover, you can use it to complement our online course for beginners, French Steps or Ma France at a post-beginner level.


User guide:

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Print the factfiles with learning hints, key language and a quiz

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For Tutors:

Talk French teachers' guide

Teaching French, a guide to all our French resources

BBC Active: Print out guidelines and classroom activities

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