Talk French - Tutors' guide

  • Talk French gives a basic grounding at introductory level.

  • The video clips bring the language to life by showing French speakers in their local environment.

  • The word games allow learners to identify and practise the vocabulary or grammar points introduced in the video. They can play these on their individual computers or as a classroom activity on an interactive whiteboard.

  • The worksheets provide ready-to-use comprehension activities based on the video and give learners the opportunity to use the language.

  • You can use this website in conjunction with the Talk French TV series, from which these clips are taken. It's repeated from time to time on BBC Learning Zone. Moreover, you can use it to complement our online course for beginners, French Steps or Ma France at a post-beginner level.


User guide:

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Print the TV transcripts

Key Language:

Print the factfiles with learning hints, key language and a quiz

Print the worksheets

For Tutors:

Talk French teachers' guide

Teaching French, a guide to all our French resources

BBC Active: Print out guidelines and classroom activities

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