Le Tour de France




descendre comme un fer à repasser

lit. 'to cycle (downward) like an iron' : to take a wrong downward turn

être dans la pampa

lit. 'to be in the pampa' : to end up cycling on one’s own, left behind

ne pas passer un pont de chemin de fer

lit. 'unable to cross a railway bridge'
to be terrible at cycling up hills

sucer les roues

lit. 'to suck wheels' : to stay close behind another rider

tenir le gouvernail

lit. 'to be at the helm' : to stay at the rear of the pack

finir sur la jante

lit. 'to end up on the rim' : to be completely knackered on arrival

pédaler avec les oreilles

lit. 'to pedal with one’s ears': to pedal without technique or style

terminer la course dans l’etc

lit. 'to finish the race in the etc.' : to finish near the bottom of the classification

la voiture-balai

lit. 'the broom-car': the car at the rear of the race that sweeps up exhausted riders

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