Parti !

Je viens d’Aberdeen
C’est bien
Je vous présente mon mari

To say a bit about yourself you need to be able to use je with a few different verbs

je suis
I am
I have
je viens de
I come from
je travaille
I work

This is all explained further during Ma France, but if the above words are new to you it's worth having a look at the French Steps beginners' course.

When people are asking you questions or giving you instructions, you’ll hear the vous form of the verb, which nearly always ends in -ez.

Vous venez d’où ?
Where do you come from?
Vous tournez à gauche
You turn left
Poussez !

To remind yourself about  vous and how to use it, have a look at French Steps (Stages 1 and 4).

When you’re talking more generally, you’ll find the phrase c’est very useful.

It means ‘it is’, ‘this is’ or ‘that is’, depending on context. Est is part of the verb être (to be).

C’est parfait
That’s perfect
C’est mon mari
This is my husband
Qu’est-ce que c’est ?
What is it?

English has only the one word ‘my’ but French has three – mon, ma, mes. The one you use depends on the gender of the word that follows:

Mon travail
My work (masculine singular)
Ma femme
My wife (feminine singular)
Mes enfants
My children (plural)

You don’t have to worry about gender when saying ‘your’. Votre goes with a singular word. Vos goes with a plural word.

Il est comment, votre travail ?
What’s your work like?
Vos étudiants
Your students

If you're a bit hazy about genders, have a look at French Steps Stage 2.

It will be helpful if you're also familiar with the numbers 1-1000 in French Steps Stage 1 and the alphabet in French Steps Stage 5.

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