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How to talk about yourself

Je suis célibataire
Je suis plutôt énergique et sportive
J'aime aller au cinéma

To say what you like in French, use j'aime. If you really like something, say j'aime bien and if you love it, say j'adore. Je n'aime pas means "I don't like" and if you're not that keen on something, say je n'aime pas trop...

Similarly, you can say:

Je ne regarde pas trop la télé.
I don't watch that much TV.

To say what you are like, start with je suis and follow it with a suitable adjective. You can qualify your statement with très (very), un peu (a bit) or assez (quite). Plutôt is also a very common, conversational word, which means fairly, pretty or kind of:

Je suis plutôt sceptique.
I'm fairly /pretty sceptical.
C'est plutôt sympa.
It's pretty nice (kind of).

Young people use tu rather than vous when talking to each other. Tu is only used when talking to a friend; otherwise use vous. The tu form usually sounds the same as the je form because the final 's' of the verb is silent: j'aime, tu aimes, j'écoute, tu écoutes.

Mon type d'homme est patient et gentil.
My type of man is patient and kind.
Dans la vie tu es comment ?
What sort of person are you?
Je suis plutôt musclé.
I'm pretty muscular (muscly).

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