France Inside Out - French Journey

French Journey

These two TV programmes are an all-French version of material featured in France Inside Out. The programmes are occasionally repeated on the BBC Learning Zone on BBC Two.

The links below will allow you to download the programme transcripts as well as their translation.

The programmes have been divided into sections, to be viewed one at a time. For this reason, and to allow you to download them more quickly, we have split the transcript and translation into sections.

The files are in Rich Text Format (.rtf) which is compatible with most word-processing packages.

To download the files just click on the hyperlink and then follow the prompts from your browser to save the file. Once saved, you will have access to them from your own system. You can open them and print them out for your own use. Please note that this material is BBC copyright.

Programme One

Programme Two


Online Courses

Hakim, your French guide, in a café

French Steps

All-in-one beginners' course. Complete it in 12 weeks with our weekly tips

Talk French

A video introduction to the language in 10 short parts


Ma France

For French improvers. 24 units with video, key phrases and games. Refresh your language and keep it up-to-date


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