French Connection - French language around the world

French isn't just spoken in France - more than 100 million speakers use French in over 50 countries throughout the world.

The BBC TV programme The French Connection looks at how French is spoken around the world. What does the language represent for its different communities, and what does the future hold for this ever-changing language? Here are some key extracts from the programme. You can also check the links for more information.

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Angélique Kidjo

La langue française

What does French mean to its speakers across the world?

Leopold Senghor


What is la francophonie? Artists and politicians share their perspectives.

Lyes Salem


What's in a name? A young film director talks about his language and identity.

Waving the Quebec flag


In Francophone regions of Canada, identity is deeply rooted in language, but how can they protect this?

Martinique scenery

Martinique et Guadeloupe

The French Caribbean islands are a linguistic melting pot. Writers and artists explore the richness of creole.

Youssou Ndour


The cultural meeting point for francophone Africa.

Assemblée Nationale, Paris

Le français aujourd'hui et demain

What will French sound like in the future?

Senegal, mosque


Links on la francophonie, francophone music and countries


Online Courses

Hakim, your French guide, in a café

French Steps

All-in-one beginners' course. Complete it in 12 weeks with our weekly tips

Talk French

A video introduction to the language in 10 short parts


Ma France

For French improvers. 24 units with video, key phrases and games. Refresh your language and keep it up-to-date


Your Say

Worms © Fotolia XIII -

Worms for dinner?

A wriggly word left one of you lost for words

Don't try this abroad!

Don't try this abroad!

Ever felt flustered in France? Watch this and other funny tales

More of your tips and stories

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