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Food These 10 online topics are based on the 20-part TV series and build on the absolute basics of Talk French. The video clips have been improved with a full screen option.

As well as the video clips, there are also transcripts to read and key language to learn.

Getting around
Saying how you get to work
Buying a train ticket

The home
Saying where you live
Describing homes

Hotels and campsites
Finding a pitch on a campsite
Finding a place to stay

Eating out
Booking a table
Ordering in a restaurant

Where you go on holiday
Finding your way around

Shopping for clothes
Buying a present

The Arts
Giving your opinion
Asking for museum information

Looking good
Describing someone
Making a date

Health and fitness
Talking about your body
Talking to a chemist

Working life
Talking about jobs
Job requirements

The French Experience TV series, from which these clips are taken, is repeated from time to time on BBC Learning Zone.


Check the TV transcripts

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