Real Chinese - Video overview

The videoclips below were selected from the Real Chinese TV series, which is repeated regularly on BBC Learning Zone.

Each clip is 3-5 minutes long and may be watched at full-screen.

If you are looking for a lower-bandwidth option or are a non-UK user, try the shorter videoclips.

For starters
Greeting people and saying your name

Introducing yourself
More greetings and how the Chinese introduce themselves

Family introductions
Talking about your family and introductions

Saying a bit about yourself
Where you're from, what languages you speak and what you do for a living

Ordering drinks
Asking for tea, coffee, beer etc, talking about what you like to drink and toasts

Ordering a meal
Ordering in a restaurant and saying what you like and don't like

Doing some shopping
Asking how much something is, prices and shopping for food at a market

Asking for directions
Asking what's nearby, getting directions and distances

Getting around by public transport
Travelling by taxi, train and bus and buying tickets

Finding and booking a hotel
Booking a hotel room and hiring a boat

Transcripts are available for all of the programmes.


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Holiday phrases

Chinese Quick Fix

Essential holiday phrases


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