Already know some Chinese? Then try the Fast Track - a quick journey through Real Chinese. Check how much you know.
The Fast Track is based on the challenges that appear at the end of each unit of Real Chinese. You can use them to revise and reinforce the key language covered in each unit, but if you have some knowledge of Chinese they offer a quicker alternative route through the course.
Try them here, or go to Real Chinese to work through the whole course.

You've just arrived in Beijing. There are lots of new sights and sounds to digest. See if you can make sense of them.

You've met a Chinese person. Try to understand his introductions and introduce yourself to him.

Your Chinese friend has invited you to his home. Get to know the family.

Chat to people and find out about their jobs, nationality and the languages they speak.

You visit a traditional tea house. Have a go at ordering a traditional tea.

You visit a restaurant. Try to order the famous roast duck.

You need to buy some fruit in a street market. See if you can manage it in Chinese.

You're doing some sightseeing and ask a passer-by for directions.

Have a go at buying a train ticket. Soft seats of course!

Book yourself a double-room.

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