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About Manaus and The Amazon

During the 19th century, rubber made the Amazon port of Manaus, in the middle of the world's largest rainforest, one of the richest cities in the world.

The Sataré Maué have been moved many times from their tribal lands in the Amazon. But they were not at all successful at trying to live in the city.

They still hunt with arrows and blowpipe darts. But they're not untouched by modern technology. The chief, Pedro Ramal, has even got a mobile phone!

Pedro Ramal, Chief of the Sataré Maué Alex went to visit the Sataré Maué with an unusual travelling companion: House music DJ - DJ Omena. The Sataré were very keen for him to come and spin his discs. DJ Omena introduced Alex to all the important people in the tribe, including the chief, the'caçique'.


  • Chief of the Sataré Maué
    PEDRO RAMAL:  Nós não nós habituamos muito na cidade por causa do nossos costumes. A gente quer viver livre, à vontade, e pescar, e trabalhar com produtos naturais na selva, na floresta.

  • ALEX (audio starts here):   Você gosta de música house?

  • RAMAL:   Gosto, não entendo, mas ouvir "tuc-tuc-tuc"...

  • ALEX   Você acha que tem uma ligação entre música house e música indígena?

  • RAMAL:   Nós Sataré Maué tem o ritual do tocandera. É onde se sua mais, a dor passa logo, sai o veneno dela. E quando a gente ouve uma música que é assim, igualzinho há quase uma coincidência, baque do som.


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