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28 October 2014

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Charlotte Jackson of Duncan, Oklahoma USA: Powerful heart-warming story showing that patience, endurance and love will conquer all. Wonderful parenting. God bless you.

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Little Orange by Stuart Randall

Please tell us about yourself:
Catholic, vegetarian, pacifist. Forty-nine-year old divorced father of three boys and frustrated creative spirit. I am disheartened by the portrayal of macho masculinity in the media and believe this encourages and is used to justify much of the evil in the world. In my two minutes I attempt to present an alternative side of the male psyche. I am of course an incorrigible optimist!

What is your story about?

I teach in a school for disabled children and see their bravery and loss as well as the love and often sheer exhaustion of their parents. The story is a hymn to their commitment, a call to hope in the face of fear and a statement of the wonders of human love.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?
When one only has two minutes one should spend it wisely. Thanks for the opportunity guys!

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