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28 October 2014

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My Decision by Stephen Corless

Please tell us about yourself?

These days I’m happy to perform; be it writing my poems or singing with the choir. I am 49 years old and married with two daughters.

Born in Wigan I joined the RAF at sixteen, did nine years of service to my country and then moved around the country with work; Woodvale, Stansted, Shrewsbury, Rolls Royce Derby, before getting a job at BAe and moving back to Wigan.

Moving back after nineteen years away has given me a greater appreciation of the town and the people. I love it. I work in the office at BAe up at Samlesbury making lists. Have done that for nearly fourteen years now and I get a lot of material for my poems from there.

My hobbies include: Singing with Parkside Colliery Male Voice Choir. We do a lot of charity work, singing throughout the region and I really enjoy it. Keep fit. I’m a keep fit fanatic and can often be seen running around Pemberton and in the gym at work.

I write a lot, in fact, my first book: Erk’s ‘Ardlife Add Astra – The Brat Files has recently been published by Towpath, a local publishing group of which I am a member.

I write poetry at work, during lunchtime, of course, and have produced a CD containing 48 poems on the gentler sex entitled: 'Lickle Wimmin’'.

Both of these were launched on Saturday 3rd May at Smiths bookshop, Mesnes Street, Wigan.

This is the very shop where I was caught shoplifting when I was fifteen. This event made me look at my life and I decided to take control. I chose to join the RAF. Who knows what would have happened otherwise?

I also write and present 'Improve your Memory' and 'Improve your Self Confidence' courses and have performed them in schools and for the businessmen of Wigan.

When I’ve got any spare time I go on my computer, see my website at www.corless.biz .

In conclusion. I missed my way really and should have moved into the entertainment industry from school. Gone to work in Disneyland, dressed up as a fluffy bunny for a few years and worked my way up from there.

What is your story about?

My story is about the Decision I made at the tender
age of 15 when, after I was caught shoplifting, I looked around me and decided to go into the RAF. Now, years later I have had my book, about training in the RAF and launched it from the very same shop.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?

I chose to tell this particular story to illustrate that we have choices to make, even early on in life, to decide which way we want our lives to go. We are masters of our own destiny, at least early on in life, and would do well to bear that in mind.

What was the experience of making your digital story like?

The experience of making the digital story was, for me, very stimulating. I learned new skills and had the chance to use the creative part of my nature to put together something that has a message. It wasn't as intense as I'd first imagined.

I found the team were extremely helpful, without being overpowering and too willing to take over my project.

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