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24 September 2014

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Chingle Hall
Chingle Hall
Creepy Chingle Hall

Many believe Chingle Hall at Goosnargh to be the most haunted house in England.

Built by Adam de Singleton in 1260, it has passed through various families including the Singletons and Walls.

Father John Wall, born in the Hall in the 17th century, was hanged for heresy in Worcester in 1679. His head was taken to France but is believed to have eventualy been brought back and buried at the Hall.

It is said that if it is ever found then the hauntings will stop. Visitors have reported noises, apparitions and objects being moved. The most haunted room is the bedroom of Eleanor Singleton who was murdered at the hall.

Please note all our Chingle Hall content has been submitted by our users, we don't have any contact details for the owners of Chingle Hall! Though we do believe that it is no longer open to visitors.


Phil Stephens spent the night at Chingle Hall with some friends to raise money for charity - this is what happened...

Follow this link to read Phil's diary that chronicles the evening as it happened!

quotesWe arrived at at the hall at around 8.30pm, and even from outside, the house portrayed a very eerie image in the dimly lit Lancashire countryside. As our guide led us across the bridge and over the moat to the main entrance, it was evident that something was very out of the ordinary.....

Upon arriving in the Great Hall, our guide for the evening regaled us with the history of the building, and the nature of it's current paranormal inhabitants! The first thing that surprised me, was that a family actually live at Chingle Hall all the time, and they are in theory simply inviting people to spend the evening in their home! Mind you, as the guide explained, the family do have a number of uninvited guests staying in the house full's just that you cant ALWAYS see them.....

John Wall's room
John Wall's room

During a brief tour of the house, the guide informed us of the many sightings that had occured with alarming regularity! Ranging from simple strange noises, to ghostly monks walking the corridors and stairways in the night! He explained that he had stayed at the house on many occasions in the last few years, and it was rare not to witness at least one bizarre occurence during the night! With my appetite well and truly whetted, I finished off my beer, loaded up the camera, and headed off for what would be my first trip of the evening, round the rooms and corridors of Chingle Hall.

Saint John Wall's room is renowned for sightings of the ghostly monks, and regular mechanical noises, as if the chains were still trying to lift the bridge over the moat....

At the end of the corridor, I found Eleanors room.....

Eleanor's room is well documented as probably the most haunted at Chingle Hall. Legend tells of a young girl held captive for over 12 years in this room, where she was to die at the age of 20. Vistors have reported feeling overwhelming emotion upon entering the room and the sensation of somebody holding their hand or tugging at their clothes. It is also not uncommon to be surrounded by an overwhelming smell of lavender......

Travelling back down the stairs, I found myself back in the Great Hall, where all vistors to Chingle Hall congregate for the night. Here we found a ghostly carrier bag. Upon arrival it was full of beer, yet strangely, the following morning, it was completely empty...... :)

Just next to the great hall, is the chapel......

the chapel
The chapel

Unique in the fact this chapel is blessed by both Catholic and Protestant priests, the chapel has been witness to many ghostly happenings. It is not uncommon for vistors to report an extremely strong incense aroma surrounding the lectern.

In summary, Chingle Hall provides a great night out, and a really unusual way to raise money for charity! It really is out of the ordinary, and strange things really DO happen!quotes

Bonnie Singleton Richards, Dean Hunter and Zinc Orbie have sent in some more spooky stories about Chingle Hill - read them ... if you dare!

Please note all our Chingle Hall content has been submitted by our users, we don't have any contact details for the owners of Chingle Hall!

Have you had a ghostly experience in Lancashire? Tell us your spooky stories.

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