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24 September 2014

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Ludicrous lists
stu francis
OOOhhh I could crush a grape!

Check out our ludicrous lists, designed to give you a laugh and make the world a better place.


Ten programmes you watched on telly as a kid but aren't on any more...
1. Rentaghost
2. Magpie
3. Tiswas
4. Thundercats
5. Crackerjack
6. Battle of the Planets
7. Swap Shop
8. Playschool
9. Fingerbobs
10. Bod

Add to the list...

Duncan McCallum added this...
Marine Boy. The cartoon.

Nick Brown added this...

Julie added these...
I remember the flumps
my favourite was dr snuggles
the smurfs

Michael Crofts added these...
robinson crusoe, every school holiday
tom's secret garden
captain scarlett
chopper squad
the clangers
grange hill

Tom added these...
william tell robin hood combat rawhide the munsters mr ed mr piper mr pastry circus boy steptoe and son the magic boomerang

Simon Parsons added these...
wooden tops
mary mungo and midge
barba pappa
the monkeys
rhubarb and custard
great ape
the hair bear bunch
the double deckers
marine boy
sting ray
the banana bunch
izzy noho
paddington bear
the clangers
tomorrows people

Valerie added these...
Billy Bean and his funny machine
Prudence Kitten
Little Grey Rabbit
Hopalong Cassidy
The Virginian
What about Journey into space? - but that was radio wasn't it!
Oh Yes, I nearly forgot Worzel Gummidge!

Neil Sharples added these...
How about these
Fireball XL5, with zoonie the space monkey
Captain Scarlet
Stingray, anything can happen in the next half hour
4 Feather falls
The Invaders, with their freaky little fingers
Branded, born of a cowards scorn
Time tunnel, brilliant
Tomorrow people, jaunt
The flashing blade, dubbed from French to English lmao
Chorlton and the wheelies
The Lone ranger, what's the closest thing to silver? the lone rangers bum. Rifleman. So many more happy memories, long hot summers, jumpers for goalposts, olde English spangles, corona bottles full of water and liquorice sticks.

Sharon added these...
How about Skippy, Crossroads (with my Mum), The Champions – I loved Craig Sterling and Starsky and Hutch.

Sandra added these...
Take Hart. Animal Magic. Sapphire and Steel. Logan's Run.The hair bear bunch.

Kirsty added these...
poddington peas (the best)
crystal tips and alyister
play days
rosie and jim
my little pony
topsy and tim
paddington bear

Katherine Smith added these...
Crystal Tips and Alistair
Hickory House
Mary Mungo and Midge
Play School
Play Away
Why don't you

Jackie added these...
Torchy the Battery Boy
Sarah and Hoppity
The Herbs

Rachel Lawrenson added these...
the raggy dolls
poddington peas
shoe people

Angus Brade added these...
Tomorrow People
Time Slip

Anne Dunwell added this...
The Dinah Saur Show anyone?

Abby Lund added these...
Children of green knowe
Happy families
Cities of gold
Johnny Briggs
Simon and the witch
Geordie Racer
Byker Grove

Laura from Darwen added these...
Fun House (with Pat Sharp and his mullet)
Finders Keepers
Rude Dog and the dweebs
Poddington Peas

and not forgetting the KRYPTON FACTOR - what a fantastic show, they really should bring that one back! Someone at BBC Lancs should have a word with Gordon Burns....

Rachel Simpson added this...
I remember Gruey and The Kids of DeGrassi Street but no one else seems to!

Peter added this...
Coudn't afford a telly when I was a kid.

Lynn from Preston added this...
I remember space 1999, and for Steve and Mike in Blackpool I remember all of your list, but The Lightening Tree was in fact Follyfoot!

Shaun from Preston added these...
Droopy D
Bernards Watch

Anne in Newark added these...
Can anyone remember Cloppa Castle, Hickory House with Humphrey the Cushion, Lizzie Dripping who had a witch for a best friend. Arabian SIZE OF AN ELEPHANT Nights on Banana Splits, The Latchkey Kids, Going Out, Hold Tight

Steve and Mike in Blackpool added these...
How 2
The original Mr Ben
Tony Hart
Candlewick green (Pugh, Hugh, Barley, Mcgrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubbe)
Gordon the Gopher
Will o'the wisp
Tripods (saturday evening)
Mr Ed (the talking horse)
Softly, Softly
The Gentle Touch (was allowed to stay up late)
care bears
Gummi Bears
Black Beauty
The Lightning Tree

John Ward added these...
How About Torchy the battery boy?
Supercar, Space Patrol, Highway Patrol (if you were allowed to stay up 'till 7.30), Wells Fargo, Casey Jones (the engine driver), Cannonball, The Huckleberry Hound Show, Gunlaw, 77 Sunset Strip, The Beachcombers (from Canada), Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, Rat Patrol (or how the Americans won the desert war in long range patrol Jeeps), Whiplash (Australian stagecoach drama) The Flying Doctor (the original with Richard Glendenning), Felix The Cat cartoons, Branded (with Chuck Connors), Wyatt Earp, Sea Hunt and not forgetting The Littlest Hobo.

Geraldine van Veen-Brown added these...
I can fully agree with the list Jean Douglas
added, but as a small child i can remember:

Watch with Mother:
Monday - Picture Book
Tuesday - Andy Pandy
Wednesday - The Flower Pot men
Thursday - Rag, Tag & Bobtail
Friday - The Wooden Tops

Tracy Johnston added these...
the muppets
playaway, with Brian Cant
playschool, the proper one!

Scarlett Cameron added this...
I don't know about in the UK but here in Australia we used to have MacGyver

Brian Sandercock added these...
Murder Bag
The Lone Ranger
The Brains Trust
National Anthem at Midnight and a white spot dissapearing on the screen.
My real favourite was before we had telly, listening to Journey into space on the radio

Aaron Lecheminant added these...
he-man, pigeon street, gideon, battle of the planets, defenders of the earth, around the world with willy fogg, ulysees 31, byker grove

Barbara added these...
The Army Game

John Clayton added this...
The Singing Ringing Tree

David Northey added these...
No 73
Jamie and his magic Torch
Get Fresh (with the alien puppet full of snot!)

Louisa Grady added these...
Crystal Tips andAlistair (remember Crystal with her big big hair?)
Monkey - with a girl dressed up as a boy with a shaved head and her helpers leading her along on a horse.

Steven Martindale added these...
What about Champion the Wonder horse?, Orlando, Timeslip, Junior Showtime and The Champions!

Oli Lucas and Steve Gale added these...
Banana Man
Babar The Elephant
Bodger and Badger
Rupert the Bear
Morph - (The Plasticine Dude)
The Gummi Bears
Ed the Horse
Baw Baw Bears
The Racoons
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Toxic Crusaders
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Deputy Dawg
Dungeons and Dragons
Flash Gordon
Puddle Lane
Pidgeon Street
The Riddlers
Captain Caveman

Jean Douglas added these...
Robin Hood (Richard Green)
William Tell
Roy Rogers
Branded (Chuck Connors)
Wagon Train
Bronco Lane
Cheyenne Bodie (Clint Walker Ohhhh he was the man my hero)
Laramie OSS (officers of the secret service)
Ghost Squad
No Hiding Place
Dixon of Dock Green

Gary Miller added these...
Marine Boy
Pogle's Wood
I remember all these very fondly, especially Pogle's wood.... everybody loves Tog!

Sarah Milling added these...
Sooty and Sweep Show
Renta Ghost
Banana Splits
The incredible Hulk!
Fraggle Rock

Darren Knight added these...
The Herbs (think that’s what it was called) with Parsley the Lion and Dill the dog

And UFO (even the Dads watched that one for the short skirts worn on Moon Base)

Tonita Ivison added these...
Picture Box
Playboard puppet theatre (with Mole & Hedge)
Reading with Lenny

Patrick Tierney added these...
The Invaders (not the scary bits)
The Monkeys
The Time Tunnel
Tomorrow's World

Skuffy added these...
BUTTONMOON! Great kids programme, and that one with the toys, there was one toy witha hexagon face, kind of like one of them accordian things? please help its been bugging me!
And also don't forget Trapdoor!

John from Chorley added these...
johnny briggs
jamie and his magic torch
wacky races
cities of gold

Steve Woodrow added these...
Captain Scarlett,
Hectors House,
Joe 90,
Please Sir,
F Troop,
Andy Pandy,
The Woodentops

Sue Martin added these...
Josie & the Pussycats
Rhubarb & Custard
The Tomorrow People
Space 1999
Get It Together

Judy added these...
What about, Rag Tag and Bobtail, Nogin the Nog, My Friend Flicka, Rin Tin Tin and Champion The Wonder Horse. I think I may be showing my age!!

Robert Thomas added this...
The Mister Men

Laura Gibson added these...
Pie in the sky
Rainbow (who could forget?!)
The Worst Witch
The Chronicles of Narnia

Ralph Jones added these...
Tales of the Riverbank
Zoo Time
Animal Magic
Ivor the Engine
Captaiin Pugwash

Rachel in Lancaster added these...
Tickle on the tum, Moschops the dinosaur & Chorlton & the wheelies.

Daniel Herbert from Blackburn added these...
Dr Who (watched from behind the settee)
The Clangers
Mary, Mungo & Midge
and a programme with Hartley the Hare, I can't remember the title. (That'll be Pipkins! - Ed)

Dave added these...
Magic Roundabout
Captain Pugwash
Ivor the Engine
The Clangers
Fireball XL5
Wacky Races
Stop the Pigeon

Dan from Pittsburgh added these...
Hogan's Heros
McHale's Navy
Gilligan's Island
Beverly Hillbillies

Paul Halsey added these...
The Wombles
Michael Bentines Potty Time

Janet added these...
Four Feather Falls
Singing Ringing Tree

Jacqui McGuire added this...
How about Runaround with Mike Reid 'g...g...g...go!!

Suzie from Preston added these...
The Moomins
The Flumps
Button Moon
Lets Pretend
You and Me

Ray Grimstone added these...
The Kids from 47a
Screen Test

J. Mattson added these...
Who remembers The Wooden Tops, Andy Pandy & Looby-Loo and Jackanory?

Kelly-Lee Russel added these...
Mary Mungo and Midge
Hickory House
Flowerpot Men

Ian Leach added these...
Fingermouse, Mr Benn and Pigeon Street

Dave McAreavey added these...
Banana Splits
Why Don't You?

Alan Barlow added this...
the double deckers

Russ Slaughter added this...
Muffin the mule

More lists...

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