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28 October 2014

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Ludicrous lists
Just William
Bless 'im

Check out our ludicrous lists, designed to give you a laugh and make the world a better place.


Ten things that you don't do any more now that you're all grown up...

1. Run everywhere
2. Have a vimto moustache
3. Skip
4. Pay for stuff with pennies
5. Set fire to spiders with a magnifying glass
6. Pick your nose in public
7. Complain that you're bored
8. Hold your bits when you need a wee
9. Wash all your face except that bit under your fringe
10. Wee in the bath

Add to the list...

Joe added this...
Garden hopping

Andy added this...
Scrumping and taking back Deposit bottles for 5p

Brakes added this...
Play bike tig

Lizzie added this...
dress up in clothes too big for us

Mike added these...
After any football cup final, go in the street with your mates and 're-play' the final with them, always bagsying that you are on the winning team.
Eat kayli, (rainbow crystals!) by dipping your finger in it then sucking.
Pop tar-bubbles in the street on a hot day.
Go to Tommy Ball's with a pair of scissors, (times were 'ard)
Go to the chippy and ask for the scraps.(see above)
Check for money in any furniture given for a bonfire, (see if mum wanted said piece of furniture first because it was better than ours)(also see above)
Make stilts out of syrup tins and string.
Use two tins and a long piece of string to make a telephone.
Make a go-kart and race your mates down the street, (uncomfortable on cobbles).
On a freezing cold night, pour loads of water on the street outside your house, so that you can have a slide in the morning.
Slide down grassy hills on pieces of cardboard

Valerie Ford added these...
Talk like a pirate less often!
Quickly hide the toy from your Happy Meal least your grandchild gets it.
Desist from performing "Knees Up Mother Brown", except under water.
Sing in public.
Stand on your hands (who am I kidding!)

Mal Walker added this...
After watching a cowboy movie run along the street patting your behind to make a galloping noise.

Pouchy added this...
make a make shift rope swing from a tree and nearly break yer back when it snaps haha

Mitieman added this...
knock on people's doors then run away

Mr E A Sweet added this...
Make mud pies and ride bike through puddles

Steve Liptrot added this...
collect car numbers

David Woodcock added this...
Stick a folded fag packet in your bike wheel to make it sound like a motorbike.

More lists...

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