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23 July 2014
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Ludicrous lists
Jaremy Clarkson
People wearing blazers and jeans

Check out our ludicrous lists, designed to give you a laugh and make the world a better place.


Maureen from Burnley sent in, er, seven things she'd like to see in Room 101...

1. People who end each sentence in a questioning manner.

2. Any man (over 40) with a pony tail.

3. Overweight people showing their tummies.

4. Anyone using "literally" when not needed (very bad grammar in general).

5. Tabloids substituting English terminology for Americanisms (ie. Cops - police).

6. Old peoples' total disregard for anyone other than themselves yet call any younger generation (totally ignorant).

7. People wearing blazers and jeans

Add to the list...

Eternally added these...
1. Americans with fake english accents (Ya instead of yes)
2. Daytime TV

Valerie added this...
London's Congestion Charging Zone!

Pat added this...
people who have a problem with redheads

Tracy from Blackpool added these...
My pet hates are:

1) People who let their unruly brats run riot in supermarkets.

2) People who just stop in the middle of the pavement, causing you to bump into them.

3) Ignorant shop assistants who carry on talking to their mates while they are supposed to be serving you.

4) People who talk loudly on their mobile phones on public transport.

5) Call centres

6) Chavs

Mr C Johnson from Preston added these...
Junk mail and freesheets

Wheelie bins

People who just let shopping bags hit anybody

Umberellas - people put them up and cannot see where they are going

Cyclists who ride on the pavement

Motorists who park half on the pavement "so that other cars can get past"

The council tax - what a waste of money

Max added this...
Middle lane morons

Jeff added this...
Men who wear shorts, sandals and SOCKS, especially black socks!

Wendy added these...
Empty coathangers! They will NOT be separated!!

Thumb rings.

People with naturally curly hair.

People who insist on talking to you with a mouthful of food!

Birds that poo on your washing on the line.

Girls who wear baseball caps and stick their ponytails through – they look ridiculous!

Newly printed newspapers that leave ink all over you.

Drivers who don’t acknowledge when you give them right of way.


More lists...

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