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13 November 2014

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Your Nature Pictures

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Wildlife pictures

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aMAZING!!!!!!!! thats cool man

What a lovely picture Amy. The butterfly is a Peacock, they are very colourful arent they ? Well done you, hope to see some more pics soon

M Taylor
This butterfly is a small tortoiseshell I think not a red admiral.

joel micklethwaite
it is a partly albino blackbird

graeme liverpool
its a blackbird with a white gene.which is from 1 or 2 of its parents how will be carriers ;nice pic

John Mullen
I would just like to offer an alternative title to the lovely ducklings picture in Stanley Park ( JUST A BAKERS DOZEN )

Alan Southworth
Great shot of the 'set' of House Martins, Kevin.

James Hunter
The bird in the picture is a blackbird. I have only ever seen one like this i think it is something to do with the pigmentation in the feathers.

mari stein
this is the nicest website!!!i wish i could be there. thanks for this wonderful site!

the catapillars are cinnabar moth

anne from sough
hi Ray, your bird is a Blackbird.It has almost become an albino. It looks quite striking, and one wonders wether the next generation will have similar plumage. we had a completely white starling once in the garden ,but the other birds mobbed it so it wouldnt survive for long.

anne from sough
what a truly stunning photogragh of the Red Admiral,it is such a pity the weather has been so wet this year.We have really struggled to get as many pictures as in other years.Well done Keith ,lets just hope we get some late summer sun for a second brood.!

I think Ray Watts' bird is a blackbird with a white head - it's not unusual for blackbird's to have a bit of white

Very unfortunate starling, what a way to go! You captured this brutal death and crazy-lookin bird perfectly Gav.

Ann Skelton
I have a wren nesting in my garden in Preston

aww its soo sweet lol xx

Margaret Keet
Picture 65 - looks like a tapir.

What a wonderfull snap of the Swallow feeding its young .A great picture I think any proffesional would be proud of Congrat's Janet Edmodson

With regards to the swans John, either your right or they are homosexuals because they are both cobs. and you wouldn't see two cobs in the mateing ritual.He!He! Nice bit of mirror work though.

Lovely pictur of the mouseSandra mitchell you must be very proud of that one.

Karen Waldron
Great snap of the fox by Jefferson - no.2

What a lovely natural shot byJefferson Conway, congratulations!

Anyone else realise that Chris Saunders' picture is just the same swan pasted in reverse?

Andy Easthope
Since my last comment to Amy more photos have been added on so instead of a number, the photo in comment is the butterfly on a butterfly bush. well done Amy

Arlene Harris
Great Red Damselfly: Sorry! Just realised I've identified my insect incorrectly. The eyes and head I photographed must be a Common darter (dragonfly) and not a Damselfly. There is a difference in the size of the eyes, it seems: Dragonflies have large eyes that occupy most of the head whilst Damselflies have much smaller eyes that are placed each end of a rectangular head. You learn something new every day!

Arlene Harris
Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar: Really nice shot showing the caterpillar in its natural habitat. Thanks!

Glenn Noble
My girlfriend gave me the fright of my life when she saw the red dragonfly on my shoulder tonight, she screamed and i looked at it from the look on her face she thought it was gonna chew my kneck off or something lol, so i put it on my finger and waited for it to fly out the window , seemed our new friend liked us as it wouldnt leave, bit upset though as i tried to take pic of it on my mob, but flew away :-( p.s she wants to know if there's any chance it sucked my blood as she's only seen a black dragonfly?? lol

rickyjenkins a soldier
Amy what a fantastic picturei wouldnt have the patience to even think of doing that task wonderfull x


Andy Easthope
Well done Amy - pic 29. Fantastic photo and well caught

aw, it's so cute! >_

congratulations what a good picture of the hummingbird hawk moth have tried many times to get a snap of one in our garden well done

Pic 19 is a Tapir

Fantastic pictures nice to look at when it cold and rainy outside well done to you all. Really like the two horses in the field by Carrie Webster very profressional!!

aww bless little Pingu looks so warm and cosey and loved!! I bet his mummy takes good care of him aswell! I actually know Pingu's mother, and she is a great lass! AWWWWWWW xx

That is a red squirrel and is native to Britain. The greys were imported and have driven the reds away because they are bigger and stronger - the reds are quite rare now and are a protected species


David Beattie
The red dragonfly is a common darter

your pictures are beautiful i loved the whippet pictures you dont see them often

David Beattie
The dragonfly pictured is a common darter

Great Photo of your dog, I dont live in England anymore but I am originaly from Garbett St in Accrington, Engoyed your pic Thanks. Gordon.

You are in: Lancashire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Your Nature Pictures > Wildlife pictures

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