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13 November 2014

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Derek Jebson's gallery

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I read the comments before looking at the pictures ,some lovely pictures Derek,but I was disappointed not to see a lot of the pictures mentioned in the comments namely the Brockhall Zoo pictures .reason for my dissapointment was that I worked at Brockhall Hospital for eight years from 1982 to 1990 and was looking forward to seeing the old place again, have the said pictures been removed for some reason ?

hi could anybody help with any imformation, of solomans temple in withnell, its a old ruin on withnell moors, its on the os map, ive visisted this ruin, trying to find any imformation on it, ive searched the net but nothing, been to chorley libruary not on the data base there. any imformation would be great. thank you.

Derek Jebson
Hi Margaret in Canada, You are free to take a copy of my pictures to remind you of the 'old country' I don't want anything for them but if you feel disposed then send a couple of dollars to the Childrens Hospice, Derian House, Chorley, Lancashire

Lived near Blackpool & Blackburn but live in Canada now. Loved the Wild garlic Pics & the Blue bells. Are they for purchase ?would love to frame them for our roomWonderful pics all. Does anyone have old pics of Blackburn market etc?Thanks

Richard Barker
There's scarcely a farm in Withnell that my family hasn't lived in over the past couple of hundred years, so I've really enjoyed your pictures of the area. James Miller V.C. was my grandma's cousin.

John Hitchon (Poulton-Le-Fylde)
Hi Derek. A very nice reflection photograph.You must have got out early to take this one.

Derek Jebson
Hi Emma, Sorry, I do NOT live near to Whalley where Brockhall hospital used to be, but if you type in your search browser 'Brockhall Hospital' you will find a wealth of information that may be of use to you

Emma Anderson
Derek Jebson, Hi i'm Emma i'm 16 and live in bolton. You said you lived near Brockhall hospital. I found out recently that my dads mum worked there, only she died when he was 13. I never had chance to meet her and i feel like i have missed out on getting to know things about her. The fact that she worked at Brockhurst really interested me and i would love to know more about the hospital, maybe some stories, anything would be really helpful. I just wanted to know what she had to deal with, i know she was a brave woman, and she was pretty and kind but strict. But thats all i know. I feel that by getting to know about where she worked maybe it will help me find out more about her. *Please be aware we cannot publish personal e-mail addresses* Thankyou

Angela Gamble(nee nickson)
love your picture of lush foliage. We used to play hide and seek there when we picnicked at Heather Lea.

Alice Hazeldine
Your sun set pictures are wonderful

Iris Ann Ward
Derek, thank you for your nice comments, I really enjoyed looking into your gallery also.Some of your photographs are almost on my doorstep.

Muriel M. Conwell
I love this site - I grew up in Lancashire - left in 1947 and have no family left there now but it is very special to me. MC

ellen lostock
loved the pictures .i used to go to the methodist chapel and st pauls school.both gone now

tim hale
nice pictures, derek. number 84 entitled "fungus" looks like an amanita muscaria to me. this is not ont to eat!!

joan morecambe
a lovely hour spent viewing your wonderful photos thank you

Alan Taylor
This is a great picture. I travelled down this road for many years as I made my way to Withnell Fold Methodist School, still in operation. The Methodist Chapel is just visible through the trees on the left and just beyond the car you can make out the entrance to Withnell Fold Hall, home of the Park family who owned the paper mill in the village until it was taken over by Wiggins Teape soon after WWII

Alan Taylor
I played here as a young boy. At that time this was a reservoir to provide water to the local paper mill. It was drained along with several others and converted to this garden in the early '50's.

Andy Easthope
Great collection of photos Derek. Well cpatured. Andy

linda corless
I have enjoyed the 'tour' of this part of Lancashire -some of the places featured, have for me, particular family interest. I loved the bluebell images and the River Hodder at Burholme Bridge. 'The Old Zoo' images are very different and certainly encourage the viewer to find out 'where and when' - loved them.

Angela Gamble
I am so glad that you send in new pictures.Those of us over here in the US really love to see them. Please don't stop.

Robert Roocroft
Derek,I grew up in whittle-le-woods and I often look at the BBC websime for news from lancs .But this is the first time that I have seen the gallery ,I spent lots of good times in the brinscall area ,when I was a youngster.thanks again for stirring old memories.I'm now a US Resident,but still miss the area alot.good luck in the future.Bob Roocroft.

Derek Jebson
Angela, I have been fortunate to have lived in the area all my life, except for a few visits to the US of A. I will try to post on the site a photo of the stables that I think you have in mind

Carol Winder
Number 65 is a fantastic photo, love all the rest.

Angela Gamble(nee nickson)
I have always thought that they might be stables but other people have said that they looked like bunkers.I live in america now and my last visit there was in 1995. I am an artist and have done a watercolour of the stables.It was not bluebell season when I took the photo but I added them when I painted the picture.The same day that I took The photo I also walked to White Coppice and have similar pictures to yours.Do you live in that area or just like to visit?

Derek Jebson
Hello Angela,I think you may be refering to the old stables with stone arched roofs that once formed part of Blackhurst Hall (now ruined) There are two of them and have in recent years had an iron grill fitted in front of them to protect the interior from vandalism They cannot be seen from the footpath,although near to it,that leads past Heather Lea (also a ruin)and on down to Goose Green (another ruin)The whole area has a fascinating history prior to the acquisition by Liverpool of all the moors and farmland for water catchment

Angela Gamble
I grew up in Blackburn but a lot of my relations live in and around Brinscall. On my last visit there I took a picture in Brinscall woods of what appears to be large ovens or possibly bunkers from the war. Have you seen them and do you have any ideas. If I had your e-mail I could send you the picture.

denise procter
good pictures

what lovely photographs i enjoyed looking at them.

Leslie Withnell.
Greeting from Australia. The most fantastic photos. I am the great,great grandson of John Withnell who was the son of John Withnell and Martha Wilmott of Withnell and Chorley. MY great great grandfater became a pioneer in Western Australia.

Derek Jebson
Hello Denise,I have no objection to your simply printing the picture off yourself assuming that are able to do it. Just credit the picture to my taking it and that will be reward enough. Failing that just give me an address and I will send it to you. 'Happy Christmas' Derek

enquiring if it is possible of buying a print off you. Subject darwen tower from middle reservoir roddlesworth. I would like to frame it and send it ti my nephewwho now lives in texas,as a nice reminder of home. A lovely xmas present.

Sue Bristo
Lovely pictures Derek I too love taking pictures, and also have a gallery. I have taken alot of the areas that you have been haven't we got some beautiful countryside around us, anyway thanks again it was a treat to look through your photos.

Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed looking at your photos, I know some of them quite well. My camera is going with me at all times from now on, thankyou for the inspiration...

Linda Frost
Have lived in the states for many years, I loved Derek's pictures reminds me of how beautiful Lancashire is.

Alan Whittle
These pictures are a real treat to look at. I've been to some of these places but I must visit the others sometime soon. I too hadn't heard of the zoo gardens until I saw these pictures and I thought I knew this area fairly well. So thanks for sharing all these brilliant photos Derick.

Derek Jebson
In answer to DB The Zoo gardens are only open to the public on two occasions per year for about three days each time and are situated on the site of the old Brockhall hospital at Whalley. I am fairly sure that details are available on these times from the National Gardeners Society or can be obtained from The estate Manager, The Old Zoo, Brockhall village Lancs. BB6 8DX. The gardens cover an area of fifteen acres.Yjey are privately owned by a Mr. G.Hitman

Could anyone tell me where these Zoo Gardens are? i have searched on the internet and can find very little. thanks

Barbara Day
What wonderful pictures. Such a pleasure to be able to see them.

You are in: Lancashire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Your Places > Derek Jebson's gallery

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