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24 September 2014

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Haunted Houses

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Chilling Chingle Hall

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I spent a night here for charity; never again!! I was quite sceptical before that night but how to explain some of the things that happened? I'm sure I don't know!!! We were not told any of the stories or other peoples experiences before the stay and I can in all honesty say I hadn't even heard of the place beforehand. All I can say is that a very uncomfortable night was had and I aquired a few extra grey hairs!!!I also used to live at Mains Hall wich |I believe is on the same lay-line and had a few unusual experiences there too but nowhere near as scary as the ones at Chingle Hall.SPOOKY!!!!

roy dykes
my brother stayed there in 95 he had some weird things happen to him,i would love to stay there how do i go about it.

warren sieben
it used to be open to the public, you took have tours, and stay at the hall, lets hope someelse buys the hall and reopens it to the public

Abi Benson
is chingle hall open to the public?

Chingle Hall is by far the most actively haunted house I have ever experienced which was during the time Judy owned it. My then partner painted the murals and we stayed several nights, believe what you will but we were literally chased out of there!!!!

wow looks creepy but i would go in there becasue i like to explore haunted places but i get scared when i get paranoid about it

u would not catch me within 100 miles away from therelol

i dnt think the owner of chingle hall is happy livein there , i no i wouldnt be ,

what the heck do mean this looks scary, and that it's haunted?you are all just wimps.

can anyone suggest any where me and a few work collegues could spend night at haunted houses for charity.we tried chingle hall but like some one said on here they dont do this anymore


Chingle Hall is now a private home and closed to the public the owner has said he has no interest in opening its doors not even for a charity group,so I guess you need to look else where for a haunted site to visit. there are lots more to choose from.

i would like to spend a night in a haunted gaff !

my husband stayed there overnight fot charity and didnt feel or see anything scarey.


Jessica Hide
It sounds sooooooooooooo scary. I bet my friend Daisy would love to go there!

rich miller
looks nealy as bad as a travelodge

ehhh aww scairyy:S

marie pickering
can myself and work friends stay the night and raise money for cancer research?

Does anyone live there???????????????

Beverly Gray
I have visited Chingle Hall twice in the past and would love to return for a third visit and spend a night there which i would do for the RSPCA for their Charity can anyone help?

I have stayed at Chingle Hall and i did see several ghost sightings.I also believe my house is haunted and i know why...Some people told me a builder was killed because the roof colapsed!And thats in my bedroom!i do se ghostly aparritions in my piano and i have took some pictures and i saw one or two ghostly things...

I have never stayed there and it sounds like it would be scary to. I am very interested in haunted houses.

Stayed at Chingle Hall 10 or so years ago. It IS a spooky place, but then again your guide has just wound you up with stories of clanking chains, ghostly faces etc! Generally the night passed without incident but around 5am I was taking some random photographs of the staircase (the guide suggested we do this because things sometimes show up on photos that the eye doesn't see) when I was gently pushed in the back. This wasn't in any violent way but just as if the 'pusher' was saying 'Here I am'. Make of that what you will.

According to the new owners they havnt had a sniff of a ghost or any thing at all. I have read the ghost storys of chingle hall on this page and they seem to be a bit far fetched !

We'v been talking about the huanted chingal hall today in English and i think it was kind of scary.

i don't think that chimgle hall is the most haunted house in england.i believe that the ancient ram inn gloucestershire is the most haunted place in england

Zac Sturgess
My English Teacher lived in Blackburn as a boy and visited Chingle Hall when Mrs. Howeth lived there. He was 19 at the time, and very very scared!

beverley martini
i actually took a crystal clear photograph of a girl holding a bunch of flowers on a visit to chingle hall we took it up to the then owner judy and she like us was truly amazed

You are in: Lancashire > Spooky > Haunted Houses > Chilling Chingle Hall

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