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13 November 2014

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You are in: Lancashire > Nature > Features > Blackpool Zoo gets the double hump

Camels at the Zoo

The calf with the Zoo's other camels

Blackpool Zoo gets the double hump

Blackpool Zoo want you to chew on a name for their latest arrival - a baby camel!


Bactrian camels have two humps on its back (as opposed to Dromedary camels which only have one)

The humps store fat which can be converted to water and energy in the desert

They have three sets of eyelids; two have long eye-lashes and the third is thin and transparent for the camel to see in a sand storm. Their nostrils and ears can close to protect them in sand storms.

Bactrian camels were originally found in parts of Mongolia and China

They are classed by the ICUN as critically endangered.

The calf is only five weeks old but is already almost five foot tall. As yet, though, she is a camel with no name. The Zoo are struggling to come up with a name for the female camel and are appealing for people to help out with their name drought.

She is the sixth Bactrian camel at the Zoo - five of which are female - after a new male was introduced in 2006.

The calf

Humpety Hump

Jude Rothwell from the attraction said: "Our baby camel is fitting in well with the rest of the group and we are delighted with her progress. 

"She is growing fast and will grow to about eight foot. She is covered in baby fur at the moment but this will soon darken as she grows."

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You are in: Lancashire > Nature > Features > Blackpool Zoo gets the double hump

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