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13 November 2014

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Sian Sofia

Local bands: Sian Sofia

Sian Sofia from Colne plays acoustic music with beautiful, dark lyrics...

More about Sian Sofia...

Where are you from?


Who plays what?

It's just me - I play guitar and sing.

Got any bad habits?

I tend to ruminate over my songs for too long, before I have decided whether or not I like them

What's the band's history so far?

I started out when I was 14, and I was absolutely awful. I played gigs nonetheless, in tiny cafes and the like, and when I was 16 things started to pick up and I was getting gigs in Manchester and London. Now, I'm 19, and after a break, I'm doing it all again. 

Style and influences?

I've been compared to everything from Bjork to Cher (!) but I'd say if anything I'm a little like any of your old-school acoustic artists, though my lyrics are much, much darker...

Best moment so far?

The first time I ever got a good review.

Worst/most embarrassing moment so far?

I played a gig in Islington to a miniature crowd of Londoners, who abjectly disliked me from the start. It was a little embarrassing, but I carried on nonetheless.

What's your favourite song? Or which song do you wish you'd written?

Still Ill by The Smiths. Definitely.

Anything else we should all know about?

You should know that I have a MySpace...

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created: 04/02/2009

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You are in: Lancashire > Entertainment > Music > BBC Introducing > Local bands: Sian Sofia

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