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13 November 2014

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Nick Evans

Nick Evans Acoustic

Introducing...Nick Evans Acoustic

He came, he played and he conquered the Radio Theatre - then Nick Evans revealed all to BBC Lancashire!

Sean says...

Nick Evans sent a good old fashioned cd via snailmail and from my first listen I realised he had great songwriting potential. He's got a strong voice and did an excellent acoustic session live on the programme. He will certainly feature in our forthcoming acoustic gigs (details to be announced on the programme soon!)

My sound...

An acoustic eerie mellowness followed by upbeat tunes with indie influences.

Your influences...

David Gray, Damien Rice, Tiger Lou (swedish band, brilliant), Paolo Nutini, Rise Against, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson.

Getting into music...

I played guitar when I was about 10 for a while. Then mid 2006 I was asked if I wanted to sing at a mate's party with my two friends who were in a band. I said yes and soon after picked up the bass guitar (because we needed a bass player) and started playing gigs (under the name Tokyo Polo Club). In 2007 we didn't do much, the occasional gig here and there. 2008 came along and I started writing material for the band, doing more gigs, etc. I decided to pick up my acoustic guitar more often, especially as the band had now found a bass player. This meant I started writing more mellow tunes suited for the acoustic guitar which really contrasted with the indie/rock feel of the band's sound. It was from there really that Nick Evans was born.

The rise of Nick Evans...

I started writing material in April 2008. I write all my own material (although I did nick a guitar part off a mate) and try to do gigs when I can. Gigs for acoustic artists, especially in my age range, seem to be harder to come across. I've played a few pubs here and there, and a few acoustic nights, all good fun. The one that stands out is probably my first gig, roughly around 30 people. I wasn't really nervous, just didn't know what to make of the situation as I'd never been on my own before. It played out very well though, the reaction was awesome.

Band v Nick Evans

At the moment we are finishing off our first demo/EP (now changed our name from Tokyo Polo Club to Indigo Run) and we will start gigging a lot more and just see where things go really. Finishing off stuff like the art work takes some time, but once that is out the way it's all about establishing our name and really just getting people enjoying our music. As for Nick Evans, it's definitely taking the side lines while the band is in full swing. It's something to keep in my bag of tricks for the future if things don't turn out as planned.

Playing on your own...

It can be daunting. It's a lot more nerve racking than playing in a band because if someone messes up everyone knows it was you!  There's something about artists who play on their own, though, if they have that certain something. They definitely hold an audience. I think it takes a lot of talent to keep people interested when there's just you...that's probably why I find it so hard!

Best moment...

Every time I finish writing a song and know it's done. The satisfaction of writing and song and knowing you've written it is a winner.

Worst moment...

Probably just messing up songs at gigs. People don't tend to notice too much!

Best thing about making it big...

If we made it big the best thing about it would be the enjoyment of playing music to people and being good enough at it. There's nothing like getting up in front of a crowd of people and have them jump around and have a good time because of something you're doing.

Favourite song...

A favourite of my own songs would have to be Can't You Tell. I don't play it often as it's not really a "single" song, more of an album track. I like it because it has such a contrast throughout the song. "I don't think you know, but I'm trying to let you go" pretty much sums up the song.

The BBC Introducing experience...

It was a great experience. To be able to play to an audience is great...and not knowing who is listening is interesting, too. I loved it!

I write all my own stuff so the set I played was all my own material...just my vocals and a guitar. This is what I played:

1. Not Real - is about leaving a relationship and thinking, "How did I get here?" It's an upbeat song with a catchy hook.

2. Place Of Our Own - is about wanting to knock down the walls of old relationships and start fresh with someone. It's a more mellow song and is probably influenced by my liking for a band called Incubus.

3. Picture - is about drunken nights out if anything. About girls who feel the need to "show" what they've got only to find themselves in unpleasant situations.

Shout out...

Keep a look out on over the next few weeks. We'll have new songs, photos, blogs, info and much more!  You can find out more on Nick Evans at

  • Send your demo tapes to Sean McGinty Introducing, BBC Radio Lancashire, Darwen Street, Blackburn, BB2 2EA

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You are in: Lancashire > Entertainment > Music > BBC Introducing > Introducing...Nick Evans Acoustic

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