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13 November 2014

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Pencil In

Local bands: Pencil In

Four guys from Preston who play indie music and have a bit of an obsession with Tori Amos...

More about Pencil In...

Where are you from?


Who plays what?

Bill - Vocals + Guitar
Antony - Guitar + Backing Vocals
Neil - Bass
Perki - Drums

Got any bad habits?

Three smokers!... and then Bill alone has too many bad habits to list here...

What's the band's history so far?

Pencil In formed from a long withstanding collaboration between acoustic 'troubadour' singer/songwriter Bill Orrick, bass player Neil Sharrock and guitarist Antony Arnott.


Bill became friends with Antony through a mutual college friend and quickly started to jam whenever they could... you know how it goes.


then Antony met Neil while working in Preston... further jams ensued and a string of drummers followed, the band started out called 'The Wrong Band', after a Tori Amos track.

2004 I think...

creative tensions began as Bill and Antony were living together in Preston and so were often getting on each others nerves... The Wrong Band disbanded and Bill set out to form a new project called 'Bill Orrick Band'.


Bill Orrick Band developed as further line up changes occurred, but Bill and Neil continued solidly.

Then after a gig of questionable experimentalism, where Bill used loopers and effects to compensate for the lack of a drummer, a drummer stepped forwards who would cement Bill and Neil's creative project into 'Pencil In'.

That drummer was David 'Perki' Perkins, a graphic designer with a keen interest in being mental, riding motorbikes, and being an ace drummer.

Bill had remained friends with Antony, despite the demise of The Wrong Band, and because they had such a great collaboration in the past Bill asked Antony to join Pencil In.

And so here we are.

Style and influences?

Influences include... Tori Amos, Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Tool, but our style is probably considered somewhat 'indie' or 'alternative'... hmmm.

Best moment so far?

Recording our current e.p. 'Extra Muros'

Worst/most embarrassing moment so far?

Playing at ABC festival in Preston... which ended in a brawl, not because of us mind you!

What's your favourite song? Or which song do you wish you'd written?

We all like different songs, Neil likes a bit of Dub, Perki likes Hip Hop, Tony likes everything, and Bill has a bit of a thing for Tori Amos.

Anything else we should all know about?

We are looking for gigs around the UK... have a look at our Myspace, if you like us then let us know!

last updated: 03/10/2008 at 11:44
created: 03/10/2008

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denise procter
band are good to listen to

You are in: Lancashire > Entertainment > Music > BBC Introducing > Local bands: Pencil In

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