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13 November 2014

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Local landmarks

You are in: Lancashire > History > Local landmarks > Blue plaques in Preston

Blue plaques in Preston

Celebrating the rich history of the country's 50th city, we take to the streets to explore Preston's blue plaques...

Lancashire's blue plaques celebrate great figures of the past and the buildings they lived in...

We take a closer look at some of Preston's famous faces and landmarks...


Thomas Miller plaque

Thomas Miller (1811 - 1865)

Miller's Victorian mansion is in Winckley Square...


Arkwright House

Sir Richard Arkwright (1732 - 1792)

In 1768 he invented the water frame, and mechanised the production of cotton...


Bonnie Prince Charlie plaque

Prince Charles Edward Stuart (1720 - 1788)

Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed in a Preston pub during his failed attempt to become King of England...


The site of Charles Dickens blue plaque

Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870)

The famous novelist stayed in Preston in 1854...


Benjamin Franklin plaque

Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

One of the leading figures in the American struggle for independence, Franklin came to Preston to visit grandson...


Daddy Dunn plaque

Rev Joseph "Daddy" Dunn (1746 - 1827)

The Reverend Joseph Dunn was priest at the Catholic Church and introduced gas heating and lighting...


Joseph Livesey plaque

Joseph Livesey (1794 - 1884)

In March 1832 Joseph Livesey started his Temperance Movement in Preston, when alcohol abuse became a serious social problem...


Edith Rigby plaque

Edith Rigby (1872 - 1948)

A militant who worked hard to improve the lives of women and girls working in local mills...


Preston Mormon plaque

The Mormon Church

The first European Conference of the Mormon Church was held here in 1840 - before Salt Lake City...


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Is there a plaque near you? Has someone famous lived in your street? Where do you think there should be a plaque?

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Cathrine Wignall
Francis Thompson is, without a doubt, one of the most important spiritualist/imaginist poets in the world bar none.If you have read The hound of Heaven, or Ode to the setting sun, please - feeel free to hold these works up to any poet who ever lived, and, you will appreciate his importance, and his genius. This is the poet of whom G.K Chesterton quoted 'the finest poet who ever lived.'Yet here in Preston,it is as if he never existed?!Where is the blue plaque in Winckley Street? Without this, the entire scheme seems worthless.

Michael Finney
There is also a plaque in Christian Road, near the birthplace of the 'Yukon Poet' Robert Service.The poet Francis Thompson was born in Winckley Street, and although there is a commemorative stone tablet on the wall of his birthplace, he seems to have missed out in the 'blue plaque stakes'.

You are in: Lancashire > History > Local landmarks > Blue plaques in Preston

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