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24 September 2014

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Juliette Gregson

Juliette Gregson

St Annes spooks

Juliette Gregson from Blackpool reveals all about Lytham and St Annes top ten ghosts and myths...

In 1895 The Glendower Hotel was formally a ladies college owned and run by Miss Bayley. Around 1905, a pupil committed suicide by poisoning herself with acid, her ghost is said to roam the corridors. In 1986, when Peter Haworth bought the hotel, he found that the school furniture was still in storage in the cellars.

The Glendower Hotel

The Glendower Hotel

In 2005 the normally quiet Lytham reported accounts of their own Nosferatu. The original victim had been a 38 year old owner of a French eatery who had been chatting in French to a male customer, when he suddenly lunged and sunk his teeth into her neck. Locals were enraged to discover that a further woman had been attacked in a bar. Nicknames have included Dracula and Le Fang, the reports even made it to the national newspapers. The man behind the sucking attacks is described as well dressed and 5ft 8in tall with very dark, short hair, as of yet he has not been caught.

It is believed that there was once a church known as Kilgrimol that was flooded and buried by the sea, and, it is said that on New Year's Eve, or in a storm, the church bell can be heard tolling from beneath the waves. In a map of the area dating from around 1532, a place is shown as "Kylgmoles", which is recommended to have been positioned out to sea between St Annes and Squires Gate. In St Annes over the years Kilgrimol has lent its name to roads, schools and even a Masonic lodge.

The Beast of Lytham pic by Sam Shearon

The Beast of Lytham pic by Sam Shearon

The Beast of Lytham raised its paws and head in 2005. In the summer months over twenty sightings have been reported around the Green Drive area of Lytham. The mysterious creature has been spotted roaming in thick woodland at a beauty spot. About as tall as a collie dog but with huge ears, a large mouth and a lolloping gait, local Illustrator Sam Shearon came up with his drawing after speaking to several witnesses. They included Sandra Sturrock who was walking her dog, and Willie Davidson was playing bowls when he heard snarling behind him. One theory is that it could be a muntjac deer, one of the last remaining from a herd brought to Lytham Hall by the local squire over a century ago.

At the Ship & Royal Hotel on Clifton Street in Lytham there are reports of a ghostly male manifestation. Locals and visitors have claimed to see the man before he suddenly disappears. Also this spooky male disturbed paperwork and played about with the telephone.

The grave in Witch Wood

The grave in Witch Wood

A squires horse is said to be seen cantering through ‘Witch Wood’. The Witch was the favourite horse of the local squire, John Talbot Clifton, who lived at Lytham Hall. At that time before the houses were built Witch Wood was part of the grounds of the hall. It's thought the Witch was killed in a riding accident in the woods, the witch's grave is in the trees by the side of the path. The inscription reads: 'The Witch. Died January 5th 1888.'

In the early morning of Christmas Eve 1919, the body of 26 year old Kathleen (Kitty) Breaks was found among the sand dunes at St Annes. She had been shot three times with a revolver by her lover Lieutenant Frederick Rothwell Holt. Locals have reported over the years of seeing a woman wandering around the dunes on Christmas Eve.

Lytham Hall

Lytham Hall

Lytham Hall dates from the mid 1760’s and was built by Thomas Clifton, over the years many ghosts have been seen of the late Clifton family. I must admit I was lucky enough to go round on an open day, a delightful building but very spooky. One of the most reported sightings apart from the vast grounds is in the upper gallery where portraits of previous generations hang. You can almost feel the eyes in the paintings watching you. I myself felt like I was being followed, but when I checked no-one was there.

Ley Lines can be described as an alignment of ancient sites, these are considered to be earth's natural energy lines and also that spirit may use these of travelling quickly from one place to another. It has also been suggested that where two Ley Lines    cross there is a possible chance of a portal opening to other dimensions. Over the years at Starr Gate which borders St Annes and Blackpool, these ‘lines’ have been reported to reveal phantom trams, apparitions in period costume and ghostly boats.

Over the years many locals and visitors have seen what can only be described as ‘UFO’ sightings that seem to hover over the Lytham area. Many eye witness reports state they see flashing orbs, cigar shaped craft and triangular objects that move at great speed then stop. When local airports and or air sites such as Warton have been contacted they deny any such action of testing.


Article sent in by website user Juliette Gregson

The views expressed on this page are those of the contributor and the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the BBC.

last updated: 30/04/2008 at 11:21
created: 21/04/2008

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I now live in Saint Annes, and have been to various locations about the town looking for ghosts, but i want to tell a story about the old hospital that used to stand on deepdale road in Preston.Only one building stands there now, it has been turned into flats, i would love to hear storys about that place.Years ago i went in to the old hospital before the main building was converted, it had many out buildings at that time.What started out as an expedition left me convinced that "ghosts" are real.My journey started in a long corridor that led to many wards, i recall sitting down on an old chair.As i sat and listend to the building i was overcome with fealings of peace and calm, it was most notable.But the strange thing was that when i left that ward i noticed a sign that read "maternity ward", it kinda made sence but i thought little of it and moved on.Further and deeper into the hospital i began to notice that my fealings where shifting, i began to sence great violence and confusion.I found a shield like the ones the police used to use, i was in the psychiatric part.I left the building and returned the next day with a group of friends.After a few hours in there we began to split up and explore alone, it was wierd but every now and then members of our group would come running down the corridors to meet up with the small groups we were becoming, i soon found out why.I had gone right to the top floor, alone.I looked out of the window onto deepdale road from what was prob a room set for people of old age, and in some cases perhaps the place they died.Suddenly i felt the presence of something not very nice, i had the urge to flee, it was as if i was being orderd to get out, i ran like the clappers till i met up with some of the others, we all began to look at each other strangely, we were all having the same experiences.I am convinced to this day that the hospital was full of "ghosts".As a keepsake i took a lampshade, it was a fantastic piece of yellow bubbled glass in a brass frame.I took it home, my girlfriend of that time (who i did not tell of the lamps origin)told me to get rid.I do alot of D.I.Y and hung it in the porch, as soon as i turned on the light to test it, it fell from its secure mount and shatterd on the floor.For the next few months the house seemed to have an awfull atmosphere about it.What followed still fills me with dread.Late one night my girlfriend went downstairs for a glass of orange, moments later i heard the glass break and she screamed.I rushed down and found her pinned up against the kitchen sink, in the doorway that led to the front room i saw a dark shadow, i took her upstairs, as i followed her up, i could feal something walking in my footsteps, i closed the door, and orderd it to stay out.We talked, then fell asleep.Hours later i woke to something cold and horrid holding my hand, as i opened my eyes i saw a quik flash of something moving in the room, it shot out of the window and it began to rain for abour 30 seconds, then all went calm.I can not explain any of it, but it happend.Since then i have been interested in such stuff, and am allways on the lookout for haunted sites.I have more storys to tell.

I don't know whether anyone has heard this yet, but a man has been spotted twice, once in Preston I think and once in St. Annes. He was said to have jumped great distances wearing what was described as "a big black cape". Has anyone else witnessed anything similar?

Daniel David Mateus
An extremely interesting piece of history,very impressive, and it has the shooting with that lady with that man and his revolver! I love reading these lively blogs as they do show the existence of the paranormal but speaking from a highly strict view as a christian there is no such thing as ghosts but I definitely beleive in the spirit as that does become the body that takes over the earthly one. For me this subject will remain open for sepculation for future generations to look over so they can dispute the subject and see what scientific evidence they can produce because evidence is critial to prove such an abstract idea realistically. But I guess there are always going to be other dimensions that will house a strange, ghostly world but until we can prove that by somebody specialising in a paranormal specialist field will I remain sceptical.

The beast of Lytham was reported to be an emaciated fox which was put down by the RSPCA. The Witch horse is not buried in Witchwood, but a stone was placed there by the Cliftons in memory of a favourite mount.

I went looking for the beast of green drive, didn't actually see it, but found evidence that it was a deer (droppings, footprint) I have also, on two occasions seen glowing discs in the sky, in broad daylight, which both times vandished, they didn't go behind a cloud, or trees, they just stopped glowing. I have never heard of the bell thing, but sounds interesting.

the beast was around when i was in yr 4 at school. i am now in yr 8 and they have found the beast... it was a deer. nothing to worry about. :)

lived in stannes nearl thirty odd years never heard thease storys oh well now i have

Interesting. Lived in St.Annes all my life. Can't say I have witnessed any ghosts, although heard the Kilgrimol Bell when I was younger on an overcast night. I think you'll find the UFOs are either aircraft from Warton (British Aerospace) or Blackpool Airport.

Mr. Peter Ian Staker
The Beast lives!!!

bradley j mccaskill
hello im a medium from lytham. i have been doing paranormal investigation all over the uk from the last 5 years.i have emailed most of these places to ask if we can do a investigation but with no luck i would love to get into lytham hall we have a few coming up in blackpool and lancashire so lets see what happends.

brill article. Very interesting

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