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24 September 2014

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Heysham - a smart move

It has a 1000 year old church, a ferry port and a nuclear power station…and according to local resident, Betty, moving to the village of Heysham 5 years ago, is the best thing she’s ever done!

Betty tells us about how Heysham has changed her life, her annual Dog Show and how Heysham has changed since her childhood trips to the village.

Watch the video of what's so great about Heysham...

last updated: 08/04/2008 at 11:02
created: 14/06/2007

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What do you think of Heysham? What's the best or worst move you're made?

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Brian Butler
I was raised in Heysham many years ago and went to and was confirmed in the church at heysham village. I visited it in February of this year and once again fell in love with the place. It has changed but it is still a wonderful part of the world. My church is wonderful and so full of memories for me.

paul wynford morgan
i think heysham is lovely the people are friendly i would not move any where else i go to st peters on sunday and everybody is friendly

Karen Molyneux
I moved to Heysham 9 years ago from Reading, Berks and its definitely the best move I made for both myself and my children

marian roberts
heysham is a lovely place but not a patch on what it used to be like when you could get nettle beer and strawberry cream teas and go to heysham head to see the clowns in the rose garden, those were the days

You are in: Lancashire > People > Your Stories > Heysham - a smart move

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